Daily Prompt: Mix Tape

This postaday thing is kind of cool.  Saves a hell of a lot of thinking, and I don’t have to do it every day either.  This one is interesting.  The instructions are simple enough:

Put together a a musical playlist of songs that describe your life, including what you hope your future entails.

Not bad only a syntax error and a minor spelling mistake.

Sounds simple enough.  Let’s give er a go eh mates.

Describe my life, hmmmm, describe my life, let’s see, describe my life.  No many songs that I can think of that involve working sleeping and working, at least not many I like anyways.  Gawd, this is tougher than I thought.  Let’s try the future.    Ah that’s better.

or, more hopefully

Yes, I want to become a pirate.  A pirates life for me.  I hope….and I dream.




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I enjoy travel, sports, music (a dedicated site at http://therealcanadianmusicblog.com/) and anything else that jumps up at me for the moment, which is why I blog. There will be lots of travel posts, pictures and our videos as well as a smattering of sports and humour. I enjoy promoting Canada and am unabashedly a proud Albertan

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  1. I like your take on this – I didn;t try too hard when I got to an unmanageable number of songs – because i guess to reflect my life.. it would have to be more.. maybe i should add a stipulation for myself as a challenge – 6 or 8 songs plus one future.. but oh look at that another prompt in a few hours 😉 Great choices!

  2. Thanks Lizzie. In all seriousness, sailing away would be the most wonderful future for Lori and I. We have given it serious consideration, both as a real sail or just fleeing for months at a time. The pirate is not far from the truth. As for the past and present, it is what it was, and irretrievable. Won’t dwell on it, other than to remember the good and try to file away the bad.

  3. Arrrrrr … good luck on your pirate journey … and the Styx tune carries a powerful message about journey. Well done.

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