Off To Sintra, Portugal

A 45 minute train ride from Lisbon takes you to an enchanted place, Sintra. But first, the morning view from our terrace in Lisbon.


The place is crazy.  I mean, this is what you see when you come around the bend on the trail.

Sintra Castle

Stunning, I expected a Portuguese version of Tinkerbell to fly out and sprinkle fairy port on us.  Actually I was hoping for that because I love Port.  Once inside, it was very castle like, but the views, spectacular.

A view from a terrace
A view from a terrace
From the Rear Wall (I think)
From the Rear Wall (I think)
Some Local Homes (I'm thinking nobility lived in these)
Some Local Homes (I’m thinking nobility lived in these)

Once we left the castle, we headed into the gardens.  As the story goes, the gardens are a mixture of Mediterranean and Northern European forests, put together as an experiment. The resulting foliage is truly remarkable and the gardens themselves, very peaceful and beautiful.  The downside is that one could tell that a despot seems to have put it together.  Think, “Carve a stone couch there, and while you are at it, the ducks need houses that are nicer than yours, so build some in the middle of that lake you dig.  Oh, and have it done by Wednesday”.

Check these out.

That is one funky tree
That is one funky tree
The White Swans
The White Swans
And In The Next Pool, The Black Swans
And In The Next Pool, The Black Swans
The Foliage
The Foliage
One Of The Duck Houses
One Of The Duck Houses

Finishing up in the garden, we crossed the road and hiked uphill about 2km to Castle Mourous, the old Moorish castle.  Pretty spectacular in itself, but not in a good state of repair.  Refurbishment is in progress.  Still, an imposing structure.


And with that, we were done.  Caught the train back to Lisbon, knowing we were on a plane in the morning in our plane, train and automobile run to Toledo.  Loved Portugal, and will definitely be back.  Way more to see there than one can do in 60 hours.




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  1. What a lovely surprise to see your follow, thank you! I meant to leave a comment earlier about Cintra but got sidetracked(I’m writing this from an airport transit lounge in Manila, en route to Hawaii) Your photos are great and really capture the feeling of the place. I’ve been to Cintra and was enchanted; not just by the splendour of the place but also by those divine custard tarts (pasteis de nata) and the coffee – hope you got a chance to try them too 🙂

    • We had then at Castle Sao Jorge in Lisbon, washed down with some port and watching a brood of peacocks. I enjoy following blogs that are different and have owners that are not shy about commenting lol. Just going through some of your posts now. Safe travels and pop by anytime.

      • Thanks John – I love the idea of the custard tarts with a glass of port – very stylish, wish I’d thought of that and scrubbed the coffee idea. I’ll be back for sure to see what you are up too as I’m now following you here, and on twitter. My battery about to die on the laptop… and I’ve still got 5 hrs to wait till the next flight – what a bummer! speak soon, Lottie 🙂

  2. Seems like you’re having so much fun!

  3. (Mr Scott voice) Me thinks the tree is not so funky as the man leaning against it.

    Great pics John, beautiful.
    And now I want a duck house.

  4. More than one person has told me about the joys of Portugal – a place we haven’t visited. Thanks for the confirmation. Being new … what are you thinking with Genoa?

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