A Second Day In Lisbon

We awoke early on the second day, feeling the worse for wear from the dual effects of jet lag and my jet lag cure.  What is my jet lag cure you ask.  Well, it is simple.  Get where you are going, then find a nice place to sit and drink.  Drink copious amounts of alcohol, while fighting off sleep as long as possible.  In this case, I must have got some good sleep on the plane cause I pressed my theory until at least 1:00 AM.  The result, I definitely slept, but am thinking the jet lag would have been better than the hangover.

Up and ready, this was to be our only full day in Lisbon.  We left the B&B and headed out.  First, a couple of pictures of the place.  This first one is the entrance.  It was kind of cool as the restaurant had seats right in front of the door.  Whenever we entered or exited, we felt like we were using a secret entrance to somewhere special.

Our room was a terrace, which is in the top left of this picture.

We carried on down the hill and ran into the old city, very heavy on the shopping.

Rossio Square
Santa Justa Elevator



Canada even has its own stores in other countries

More than a few explorers left this harbour.

We then headed towards the castle on the hill and quickly learned that the city of Lisbon has some spectacular views.

I was pretty happy with this shot
Lori and I with the city spread out behind us

The city has lots of windy streets, built into the hillside.  Other than along the shore, there were very few areas that one could call flat.  Our day in Lisbon was coming to an end. We headed back to Zuza Bed and the headed out for dinner.  Another terrific meal.  Still a bit tired and as big trip to Sintra in the morning, we decided to call it a night.  We did have a terrific sight awaiting us when we hit the terrace though.  The moon had risen behind the castle hill and looked terrific.  This shot doesn’t do it justice, but you get the idea.

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Author: John

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10 thoughts on “A Second Day In Lisbon”

  1. OMG! Your jet lag cure is pretty damn funny. When I travel to Europe, arriving in the morning, I can barely keep my eyes open. One time I went to England, hit the bed at the hotel, and didn’t wake up for 48 hours! It took a nice chunk of valuable time out of my itinerary! haha!
    Lisbon looks amazing.

    1. The time loss pisses me off. We lose a day even getting there. We now take an evening flight when we go. 9:30 pm. Usually catch a few hours on the plane by passing out. We get where we are going by 5 or 6 pm then try to stay awake till late. Usually wake up on
      Local time in the morning. Still a drag but no 48 hour thing like you had.

  2. A cold drink on the terrace under that moon would have been a perfect wrap up to the day.

    As an aside, though I haven’t flown across time zones in several months, I still use that cure daily.

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