A Few Days In Lisbon

We landed in beautiful Lisbon, Portugal after our standard 14 hour flight from Calgary to pretty much anywhere.  As usual British Airways provided a great experience, a great airline.

Landing in Lisbon

Grabbed a cab at the Lisbon Portela Airport and headed to our B&B, Zuza B&B.  We booked this B&B back in March of 2012 and were very lucky to get a booking.  The place is a very highly rated place on Trip Advisor and well worth it.  The views off our balcony were spectacular, by day..

Lisbon by Day

or by night..

Lisbon by night

As usual on our arrival, we were pretty much exhausted.  We asked Luis (a terrific host) to point us in the direction of a close by restaurant where we could have some good food and settle in.  It wasn’t far.  We could see it off the balcony as a matter of fact.

The Buenos Aires Restaurant

The place is called Buenos Aires and it had some crazy salads.

And, as always, some liquid refreshments…

Just a quick post to prove we did get there.  Lots more to come over the next few weeks as we continue in Lisbon, set off to Sintra, then away to Seville, Cordoba, Toledo, Barcelona, Malaga and many other places.  Until next post, CHEERS.


Author: John

I enjoy travel, sports, music (a dedicated site at http://therealcanadianmusicblog.com/) and anything else that jumps up at me for the moment, which is why I blog. There will be lots of travel posts, pictures and our videos as well as a smattering of sports and humour. I enjoy promoting Canada and am unabashedly a proud Albertan

10 thoughts on “A Few Days In Lisbon”

  1. Lucky guy!!! I’m losing track of how many times I tell you I’m jealous.
    Have a great time and be safe!!

    1. It was both. The B&B shared space with a restaurant which he said to stay away from. Buenos Aires shared terrace with another one that he also said to stay away from and make sure we sat in the right area. He was absolutely correct. We hit another of his recommends the next night that I am putting in my next post. MMMMMMM

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