Music Trivia Question for the Day – September 15, 2012


The first album to feature the group's name ch...

The first album to feature the group’s name change from “The Miracles” to “Smokey Robinson & The Miracles” was 1965’s Top 10 album Going To A Go-Go.Clockwise from top left: Pete Moore, Bobby Rogers, Ron White, Smokey Robinson.(not shown: Claudette Robinson, Marv Tarplin) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The previous question was:


Q: What was Motown‘s first million selling hit?


The answer is:


“Shop Around” by The Miracles.  The song was recorded and released in 1960.  This was before they were known as Smokey Robinson and the Miracles.  The artist on this classic was credited as The Miracles (featuring Bill “Smokey” Robinson”.


Shop Around




We had no winner on this one, so Rebecca’s stupendous award has, once again, been forced to wait on it’s introduction to the world.


Today’s question will leave Motown and move on to Blackburn, Lancashire.


Q: In the song “A Day In The Life” by the Beatles, there is a line referring to a particular place.  What is Blackburn, Lancashire and why does it have 4,000 holes in it?


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  1. Is it cheese, per chance? I’m totally guessing. Also, I just found out that some of my ancestors are from Lancashire, so of course my first thought was the Beatle’s song! haha!

  2. Okay, I just looked it up and then I realized I had heard this before. It was a story in the newspaper regarding the potholes in the city of Blackburn Lancashire. Tricky but it does in fact ring a bell.
    Hey, did you ever see the movie, “Nowhere Boy?” If not, you should give it a go – it’s quite good in a psychological way.

  3. Interesting. was going to suggested oil holes.

  4. I thought it might have something to do with 4000 graves. So sad that my mind went there first.

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