Music Trivia Question for the Day

I am trying to create an official award logo for this series.  I am having a blast finding these, then finding the videos to go with the answers.  Having said that, I don’t want to wear out the fun so will be changing up a bit on the presentation.  How??  I have no flipping idea.  I’m sure I’ll have an epiphany at some point.

Anyway on to the answers and a new question.

The previous question was:

Who did the original version of Soft Cell‘s classic “Tainted Love“.  Yes. it is a cover.  For bonus points, who wrote it.

First the cover version.  I kind of shudder when I hear this song as all I can think of is hair, lots of hair, and really goofy pants.

Tainted Love – Soft Cell

And now the winner.  Rebecca2000 guessed correctly that it was Gloria Jones.  She receives 17 bajillion points cause she is new to the blog and I kind of like her.    I will be emailing you the prize catalogue from which you can choose to spend your points.  You need only pay shipping and handling.

English: This is Gloria Jones performing with ...

No one guessed that it was written by Ed Cobb so no bonus points awarded.


Gloria Jones – The Original

And now a new question for you to ponder.  This question is very subjective, and there might be more than one right answer.  Who is (or might be) the most disgusting act in music today.  This one is for no points and no prizes, just curious to see if you find anything more ridiculous than the one I have chosen.

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  1. Very intriguing question. I don’t actually think anyone is disgusting, rather, I find myself shaking my head at an oldie that has got to just pack up and retire already. Madonna – love her circa 80’s, but the constant changing, bad music, appalling attempt to compete with Gaga is just annoying.

    • Not so much anyone as anything. Gaga’s meat dress could be considered as disgusting. As an aside. I was tired of madonna a long long time ago haha. Thanks for stopping by travel lady. You have a great blog going on.

      • I love that meat dress, it would be katy perry’s lolly-pop foam making breast plates, that is just ill-conceived. Oh in the name of art, I just don’t get it.

        • I will definitely give you Katy Perry. That was brutal, low common denominator, unfunny stuff. I am thinking a lot of people were of the opposite side of the meat dress. It seemed to be most loved bu comedians lol.

  2. Oh yay! I thought you told me it wasn’t her! I thought I was remembering what I had read wrong. Yippee. I can help you make an award badge if you like. 🙂


    Lady or Not…Here I Come

  3. On the new question, Chris Brown.

  4. Here ya go. Like I said, if you don’t like it or want me to change it, let me know.

  5. A gripping life

    Love Gloria Jones version. LOVE.
    There are certain people that disgust me from the past – Ozzie Osbourne killing animals on stage sickens me. Alice Cooper, Ted Nugent, Motley Crüe – DISGUSTING.

  6. Congratulations Rebecca!!

    In regards to the question, seeming Chris Brown is taken, I’d like to nominate a specific entry called “The Big Bad Wolf” film clip by the same guys who did “Barbara Streisand” (OOOOoooOooOOo, OooOOOoooooo)

  7. Congrats, Becca.

    GOGO BOOTS!!!!
    The next question is interesting. There’s an awful lot of different criteria to consider for this – music, style, public image…

    I nominate Pat Boone.
    Dude freaks me out. Every time.

  8. Love this song. This version rocks my socks! You are definitely the “Go to guy” when it comes to music!

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