20 Classic Movie Destinations Slideshow at Frommer’s


Found this a couple of weeks ago, and since this is supposed to be a travel blog as well, I thought you might be interested in this article.  Tell me how many (and which ones) you have been to.

20 Classic Movie Destinations


I will admit to:

The Roman Holiday

Harry Potter

In Bruges

That gives me 3 of 20, and 17 more places I need to go.



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  1. a gripping life

    Now you’ve got me thinking… I’ve been to lots of New York landmarks, since I grew up there, most notably the Empire State Building. I know there are many more but my brain is not turning over.

  2. Nice shots. I’ve been to 4, I think – the NY ones, Chicago Art Institute, and one other.
    As a NYer, I find it much easier going past old movie locations than dealing with active ones.

    • I ran into that in new orleans. They were filming that Abe Lincoln vampire movie in this old pirate bar from lafittes days and we couldn’t go there. Pissed me off a bit although I now have a reason to go back.

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  3. Good list. I did not know the outdoors in Harry Potter were from Scotland. And here I thought it was Ireland that was known for the gorgeous greens.
    The only place I would really like to visit from the list is Murchison Falls in Uganda or, like yours, a day about town in Rome. I am thoroughly surprised your hand came back intact 😉

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