Music Trivia Question for the Day

Stuart Sutcliffe and Harrison (right) in Hamburg

Stuart Sutcliffe and Harrison (right) in Hamburg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

First things first.  I completely forgot to congratulate Zapple100 for answering the previous question on who originally performed Respect.  Congrats to the Zap for guessing correctly.

Second on the agenda, the last question..

Everyone knows the George Harrison song “Got My Mind Set On You“.  Who originally recorded it.  For bonus points, who wrote it.

George Harrison, everyone’s favourite Beatle recorded this song in 1987 and was one of his 3 number one songs in the USA.  That would be a trivia question on its own.  Wait, what’s that sound.  You mean he’s not the favourite Beatle.  Well, he is mine, no idea why, just seemed more down to earth than the others.  At any rate, here’s his version.

Got My Mind Set On You

The answer is James Ray, the bonus answer Rudy Clark.  The closest answer came from John The Aussie, sort of.  He asked the question while speaking to 100 miners and someone out there said James Raymond.  Close enough John, you take the title away from North America to the land of Oz, Australia.  Please congratulate John for being the current and reigning Lord of Music Trivia.

James Ray Original

And the new brain teaser is..

Q: Who did the original version of Soft Cell’s classic “Tainted Love”.  Yes. it is a cover.  For bonus points, who wrote it.

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  1. Well done, John!
    I had no idea this wasn’t the original version. I always associated this with George.

  2. a gripping life

    I think George Harrison is my favorite Beatle, too.
    I knew that Tainted Love from the 80’s was a cover, I just can’t remember who originally performed it? Dang, I hate getting old. Do I get points for being old?

  3. a gripping life

    I gotta say, I’m really digging James Ray version of “I got my Mind Set on You.” I like the bigger orchestra and chorus.

  4. Woop! *Does the Corroboree* Thanks mate. Here I was thinking some dink just yelled out a random name. Crap, now I have to buy him a beer.

    As for tainted love, is it cheating if I own HER album? I swear I inherited it. She probably wasn’t the original anyways, or its a completely different song with the same title. Not sure, never heard the Soft Cell version and am worried the answer will come up in YouTube if I search it. Wait, I can’t remember which first name it was.

  5. Oh somebody Johnson…Jordan,Jones…Jones I think it is. I know this because, I read a blog about this the other day. But I don’t remember her first name. Watch me be wrong.

  6. There are two videos for “Got My Mind Set On You.” Here’s the other version:

    I never knew “Tainted Love” was a cover.

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