Song Of The Day – Remembering Edith Bliss

Divisional Trivia trophy

This will have to do until I find a better one

Trivia Question of the Day

What was the first foreign song to hit #1 on the Billboard Pop Chart?

The last Question answered

Who was the first singer to refuse a Grammy?

Sinead O’Connor in 1990.  Strange person, great singer.  Lizziecracked is the first holder of the Trivia Championship Trophy, and will hold until I post the answer to the new question.  Lizziecracked runs a great blog that everyone, contrary to belief, should try at home, called Running Naked With Scissors.

Edith Bliss

Australian singer Edith Bliss passed away on May 3.  She was 52, far to young.  Edith had a couple of hits in 1979 and 1980, including “If It’s Love You Want”, her biggest hit.  She ended her singing career in 1980 and became a reporter.  In 2006 she appeared on Wheel of Fortune.

“If It’s Love You Want”

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  1. Hi,
    Well done Lizziecracked. 😀
    I do remember this song, not bad at all. 🙂

  2. Never heard of her before.
    And no idea what song that is.
    Looking forward to hearing the answer.

  3. Wow – I am late to the party! Thankx that is so cool.. I got it right and .. then I missed the funnery? I am thinking I have had it and given it up by now – I actually found it on Google.(this post not the answer .. I was ;looking for something and I saw something my name and wowza lol) ..true story.. Sorry I didn;t see it before..
    I think I need to try and get out more.. thanks .I am interested .. kinda funny she was a strange chick and I am too ..sometimes not ..yea ok 🙂 Lizzie

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