Song Of The Day – John Martyn – Solid Air

John Martyn, Rory Gallagher and Jack Bruce
John Martyn, Rory Gallagher and Jack Bruce (Photo credit: identity chris is)

We get into the way back machine with Peabody for this tune.  Heard this on CKUA (great station in Alberta).  Never heard of him or the song before.  Great groove though.  Unfortunately, John passed away in 2009.  Great legacy, and he played with Eric Clapton, David Gilmour, Phil Collins and many more.  As an aside, to lazy to do the trivia thing tonight.

No posts on the weekend, company coming and it is Canada Day long weekend.  We celebrate the creation of the greatest country on Earth on July 1.

John Martyn Home

John Martyn – MySpace

Solid Air

Song Of The Day – Remembering Lloyd Brevett

Lloyd Brevett
Lloyd Brevett (Photo credit: rudijamikko)

Lloyd Brevett, a founding member of The Skatalites, passed away on May 3 in Jamaica.  He was 80.  With the band, he played double bass and also produced 2 of their albums.   Ska was his passion, and he traveled the world playing his music with the band.  The attached is a live version of “Peanut Vendor”.  As I always say, live music is the best way to listen to anyone, and this song will take you deep into summer.

Peanut Vendor

Trivia Question of the Day

Who was the first musical guest on Saturday Night Live?

The last Question answered

Q. Who was the first American pop band to tour the Soviet Union?

A. The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

Fishin’ In The Dark

40 Pictures of Airplanes Breaking the Sound Barrier

F-14D Tomcat breaking sound barrier
F-14D Tomcat breaking sound barrier (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

These pictures are really cool.


40 Pictures of Airplanes Breaking the Sound Barrier.

The Best Part Of Monday Was…..This

Be afraid Lori, be very afraid………

mission impossible
mission impossible (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

After I retired, my wife insisted that I accompany her on her trips to Target.  
Unfortunately, like most men, I found shopping boring and preferred to get in and get out.   Equally unfortunate, my wife is like most women – she loves to browse.
Yesterday my dear wife received the following letter from the local Target:
Dear Mrs. Phillips,
Over the past six months, your husband has caused quite a commotion in our store. We cannot tolerate this behaviour and have been forced to ban both of you from the store.
Our complaints against your husband, Mr. Phillips, are listed below and are documented by our video surveillance cameras:
1. June 15: He took 24 boxes of condoms and randomly put them in other people’s carts when they weren’t looking.
2. July 2: Set all the alarm clocks in House wares to go off at 5-minute intervals.
3. July 7: He made a trail of tomato juice on the floor leading to the women’s restroom.
4. July 19: Walked up to an employee and told her in an official voice, ‘Code 3 in Housewares. Get on it right away’. This caused the employee to leave her assigned station and receive a reprimand from her Supervisor that in turn resulted with a union grievance, causing management to lose time and costing the company money. We don’t have a Code 3.
5. August 4: Went to the Service Desk and tried to put a bag of M&Ms on layaway.
6. August 14: Moved a ‘CAUTION – WET FLOOR’ sign to a carpeted area.
7. August 15: Set up a tent in the camping department and told the children shoppers he’d invite them in if they would bring pillows and blankets from the bedding department to which twenty children obliged.
8. August 23: When a clerk asked if they could help him he began crying and screamed, ‘Why can’t you people just leave me alone?’ EMTs were called.
9. September 4: Looked right into the security camera and used it as a mirror while he picked his nose.
10. September 10: While handling guns in the hunting department, he asked the clerk where the antidepressants were.
11. October 3: Darted around the store suspiciously while loudly humming the ‘Mission Impossible’
12. October 6: In the auto department, he practiced his ‘Madonna look’ using different sizes of funnels.
13. October 18: Hid in a clothing rack and when people browsed through, yelled ‘PICK ME! PICK ME!’
14. October 22: When an announcement came over the loud speaker, he assumed a fetal position and screamed ‘OH NO! IT’S THOSE VOICES AGAIN!’
15. Took a box of condoms to the checkout clerk and asked where is the fitting room?
And last, but not least:
16. October 23: Went into a fitting room, shut the door, waited awhile, and then yelled very loudly, ‘Hey! There’s no toilet paper in here.’ One of the clerks passed out.


Song Of The Day – Amos Lee – Jesus

Amos Lee (album)
Amos Lee (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Amos Lee is another of my favorites.  My only issue with him is that I have found his albums to be inconsistent.  In other words, he doesn’t hit my mark all the time, but when he does, it is very good.  He is out of Philadelphia and has recorded 4 albums.  I highly recommend the first (self titled) and the most recent.  All have some excellent tracks.  This cut is off his new album “Mission Bell” and is a live version of “Jesus”.

Amos Lee Home

Amos Lee on Facebook – Who cares

Amos Lee on Twitter

Amos Lee on MySpace

Trivia Question of the Day

Who was the first American pop band to tour the Soviet Union

The last Question answered

Q. What was the first “rock” double album?

A: Bob Dylan’s “Blonde On Blonde” in 1966

Song Of The Day – Edwyn Collins – “A Girl Like You”

A Girl Like You (Edwyn Collins song)
A Girl Like You (Edwyn Collins song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lets dip into the past and visit the 90’s. Always liked this one. A Girl Like You was released in 1994 by Scottish artist Edwyn Collins and had great success in both the USA and the UK, reaching #4 on Billboard. The song (and artists) are classic one hit wonder material, meaning, an extremely talented musician with many good albums to his credit, caught he world’s imagination only once. Check out his other material.

Edwyn Collins Home Page

A Girl Like You

Video: Sneaking Into North Korea |

한국어: 평양 직할시
한국어: 평양 직할시 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My fascination with North Korea continues.  This is pretty interesting.

Video: Sneaking Into North Korea |

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Song Of The Day – Remembering Charles Pitts

Trivia at the end of the post.

Skip Pitts
Skip Pitts (Photo credit: Paul Lowry)

On May 1, music lost a true giant, Charles Pitts.  He was 65 and suffered from cancer.  Charles was a renowned soul and blues guitarist.  His major accomplishments included playing with Al Green and Cyndi Lauper on their Grammy nominated albums, a session player at Stax Records, and his time with Isaac Hayes.  He played with Hayes for 30 years and created the wah-wah at the beginning of the “Theme from Shaft“.  Other credits include backing Sam and Dave, Wilson Pickett, Gene Chandler and the Isley Brothers (he created the riff in It’s Your Thing).  An outstanding career.  His legacy will stay with us forever.

Theme From Shaft

It’s Your Thing


Trivia Question of the Day

What was the first “rock” double album?

The last Question answered

Q. What was the first double album?

A: Benny Goodman‘s “Live At Carnegie Hall” in 1938.

English: Benny Goodman in concert 1971
English: Benny Goodman in concert 1971 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The winner (although admitting it was googled) is A Gripping Life.  She has a terrific blog with a mix of movies and music and miscellany.

Sing Sing Sing

Best Comeback Line Ever

Adult Content Warning

Drunk Pumpkin
Drunk Pumpkin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Police work must be entertaining as well as dangerous.

Recently, a female police officer arrested Patrick Lawrence, 22 year old white male, fornicating with a pumpkin in the middle of the night. The next day, at the Gwinnett County (GA) courthouse, Lawrence was charged with lewd and lascivious behavior, public indecency and public intoxication. The suspect explained that as he was passing a pumpkin patch on his way home from a drinking session when he decided to stop, ‘You know how a pumpkin is soft and squishy inside, and there was no one around for miles or at least I thought there wasn’t anyone around’ he stated.
Lawrence went on to say that he pulled over to the side of the road, picked out a pumpkin that he felt was appropriate to his purpose, cut a hole in it, and proceeded to satisfy his pressing need. ‘Guess I was really into it, you know?’ he commented with evident embarrassment.
In the process of doing the deed, Lawrence failed to notice an approaching police car and was unaware of his audience until Officer Brenda Taylor approached him.

‘It was an unusual situation, that’s for sure,’ said Officer Taylor. ‘I walked up to Lawrence and he’s just banging away at this pumpkin.’
Officer Taylor went on to describe what happened when she approached Lawrence .
‘I said: ‘Excuse me sir, but do you realize that you’re having sex with a pumpkin??’

He froze and was clearly very surprised that I was there, and then he looked me straight in the face and said: ‘A pumpkin? Shit … is it midnight already?’


The Week That Was

I don’t know how your week went, but mine was pretty good, with a bit of not so good.  Where to start, where to start.  I know, how about with some of the good stuff.

Lori and I have embarked on some hardline retirement planning.  Yep we are getting up there and it (retirement) is getting to be much more of a focus.  We have some ideas, which, if they work out will make life very interesting.

The second great thing this week was being named the winner of El Guapo’s world-famous Friday Foolishness poll.  I was surprised that no one else picked Bob, I mean it is a natural for a roller-coaster name.

The next great thing was becoming a character in HE Ellis “Hellis in Bloggerland” extravaganza.  Apparently I love my iPod and we Canucks love salt water moose.  Poetic license is forgiven.  The cool thing here is that Lori and I had these cross in front of us on the highway between Saskatoon and Calgary a couple of weekends ago.  Coincidence, I think not!

Not something you want to see at 70 MPH

Two Salt Water Moose near Didsbury, Alberta.

Missed them

And if this wasn’t enough to make a great week, I had my first trivia winner, Lizziecracked, and I was named as a recipient of 2 awards.  Sightsnbytes hit me up with the One Lovely Blog Award, and Lifeinthedrivethru gave me a Sunshine Award.  Both of these blogs are great.  I have followed Sightsnbytes for some time now, and we were both in the above mentioned HE Ellis epic.  Lifeinthedrivethru is a recent discovery for me and i love the humor in this blog.  I will be doing a full acceptance post on both as they are firsts for me.  Thanks.

The only downside, for the second week in a row, our sailing lessons were cancelled.  The reservoir is extremely low as the City of Calgary wants to control the flow of water downstream as the record snow pack in the mountains melts and the massive rain this spring runs off.  Maybe next weekend.

Have a great Fathers Day to all you fathers, I’m going to.  I also hope to have a superb week again next week.

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