Song Of The Day – Travis – “Why Does It Always Rain On Me”

English: Travis

English: Travis (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An oldie from a Scottish band called “Travis“.  This song “Why Does It Always Rain On Me“, released in 2006, but only hit my personal world today.  Shame on me.  Another nugget that presented itself in those dreary 20 minutes between work and home.  The band is from Glasgow and they formed way back in 1990.  The host on CBC2 told a story about the band, in that it rains when they play this live and outdoors.  Interesting.  Enjoy a very nice tune.

Travis on Last FM

“Why Does It Always Rain On Me”

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    • I’m hitting your wheelhouse lately. Never heard of it or Travis before today. Karma or something the last couple of days with my luck on hearing songs in that 20 minutes.

  1. What does hitting my wheelhouse mean? Is that some kind of FTF thing? It is cool that you are finding good songs right away.

  2. Hi,
    I really enjoyed this clip, a great song. 🙂

  3. Nice tune, John. Liked this one a lot.
    In, as you way, the wheelhouse.

  4. Not too shabby but it doesn’t really grab me. I’ll have to dig through your treasures, I love finding new music.

    • You must share your treasures. I love all music and live for the find

      • I do too (love all…well most) music but I spend most of my time writing and only get on music kicks every once in a while. Meaning, exploring or searching for just the right song to convey something. Only every once in a while do I find something new. Off the top of my head, my song for the day would be: Shuggie Otis, Strawberry Letter 23 ( That fits my mood today. Makes me think of Summer, snow cones, being a kid when the nonsensical makes perfect sense. It’s one of those songs people either seem to love or hate.

        Happy Friday, John!

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