Song Of The Day – Remembering Greg Ham

Yamaha YAS-25 Alto Saxophone


For those of you who know my blog, I do tributes to recently departed musicians.  As of this posting, I will be integrating these tributes into the Song Of The Day format that I have been using.  This should reduce some of my spamming in your in-boxes.

As most of you now know, one of the original members of Men At Work, Greg Ham, passed away on April 19.  Exceptionally talented, he played saxophone, flute, organ, synthesizer and piano.  He also contributed with his songwriting skills to the success of 80’s favorite, Men At Work.  One of their most enduring songs is “Who Can It Be Now“, which featured Greg Ham on saxophone.

“Who Can It Be Now”

Author: John

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26 thoughts on “Song Of The Day – Remembering Greg Ham”

      1. Hey John, this is unrelated, but when you said that you usually get a feeling for people, were you saying that about people in general, or Africa specifically?

                  1. I am a good person sometimes. Aren’t we all? I like him. He’s fun, but I trust you more than I trust him, and definitely more than I trust myself, which was why I asked what your radar was telling you

          1. No, it’s okay. I was actually going to apologize for that comment. The guy died after all. If that isn’t a good reason to be boring, I don’t know what is, so sorry.

  1. Hi,
    A fantastic band and he will definitely be missed. But I will always remember him with Men at Work for their song: “The Land Downunder” still love it even though they were sued over a bit of the tune, it will stay a favourite with a lot of Aussies.

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