Song Of The Day – Tango In The Attic – “Mona Lisa Overdrive”

Tango postcard, c. 1919

Tango In The Attic are a Scottish band, with a garage/pop style.  They formed in 2008 and have released 2 albums.  The song here, Mona Lisa Overdrive, is from their new release Sellotape.

Tango In The Attic MySpace

Mona Lisa Overdrive

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  1. Nice track. but the more I listen to this genre, the more similarities I hear from band to band. I wonder if that;s deliberate, or if they all just have one really strong influence…

    • Good question I have been on a roll with the indie stuff this week. It seems to be the only new stuff I’ve been hearing. The sameness is definitely there. I guess it is the style of the day. Grunge has elements of sameness as does country and blues etc. Hopefully some different stuff will pop up while I’m browsing. One thing leads to another.

  2. Hi,
    To be honest I didn’t think much of this song at all, but then it is still early in the morning here although I am onto my second cup of coffee. 😀

  3. I REALLY like this. Very cool. Thanks.

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