Wandering to Ravello, Italy

Ravello, Italy, what a truly wonderful, long-lasting memory.  To get there from Sorrento (where we were staying) took two ferries and a bus up a mountain through some of the most amazing scenery I have ever seen.  The trip there and back is worthy of 2 more posts, including the drive back to Sorrento from Amalfi  on the famous Amalfi Coast highway.  For now we concentrate on Ravello.  The drive up the mountain to the town is absolutely beautiful.  The vistas of the Mediterranean are amazing, the view of the town from below, picture postcard perfect.  The views along the road are amazing as well.  We were only able to spend a few hours here as schedules would not allow us more time.  This was unfortunate as it was definitely worth an overnight stay.  Absolutely breathtaking at every turn.

Looking up at the town.

This is a look at the views along the road.

Looking to the Mediterranean Sea

The following are some shots looking out at the countryside from the town.

A few shots from the town.

The obligatory ruins

A pretty nice place to have a bite

The town centre

The famous ceramics of the region are made here (some anyway)

Author: John

I enjoy travel, sports, music (a dedicated site at http://therealcanadianmusicblog.com/) and anything else that jumps up at me for the moment, which is why I blog. There will be lots of travel posts, pictures and our videos as well as a smattering of sports and humour. I enjoy promoting Canada and am unabashedly a proud Albertan

19 thoughts on “Wandering to Ravello, Italy”

    1. I guess it would be a bad time to point out the countdown clock on the sidebar then! It is counting down our departure to Spain and Portugal. Italy is spectacular. We spent a week in Rome and a week in Sorrento. We also spent a day in Florence. We could easily retire in Sorrento. My header picture is Mt Vesuvius across the Bay of Naples from Sorrento. I took it off the balcony of our B&B, we woke to that every morning.

      1. It is amazing. Beautiful. I’m happy for you, and I can see it in a way from your blog without having to worry about being hit on by all the Italian guys. 😉

        1. The guys are different there. Leering is allowed which kind of makes north Americans a bit leery of the leerers. It is so obvious but no one pays any mind if it.

  1. Why do all the truly beautiful places have to be so difficult to get to? I guess that’s what keeps them looking beautiful – no tourists. I’d love to visit these out of the way places. Great pictures.

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