It’s A Birthday Day For The Hobbler

Its Hobbler Day

I have just made Hobblers acquaintance, and I am glad I did. She kills me (in a good way, not a window licking way). Have a great day. I’m thinking you will have a blast.

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  1. Thanks John! I can’t watch all the videos tonight, but they look like fun…I don’t know, maybe I will go out to the family pc. Anyway, I delight in killing you, and am trying to curb my window licking habit. That whole thing was just a weird outburst on Joe’s blog, but it has kind of taken on a life of it’s own.

    I just got chatty all of the sudden…anyway, thanks again, and you will always have a special place in my heart and on my blog, since you were the FTF. First That Followed…does FTF have another meaning? 😉

  2. So, I came out here so I could watch the video, and I have got to say that is one of the most disturbing things I have seen. So, thanks…for that…I have great images to go try to sleep to. If I dream of that, I think I will have to kick you off my blog. Just kidding, but really, I don’t want to see that again…ever. 😉

  3. Oh.My.Gawd!

    Is that El Guapo???

    I just snorted out loud!

  4. Happy Birthday Hobs!
    And John, you cannot ever again complain about a Pete Rose pic. Ever.
    My eyes are bleeding.

  5. {snort} We need English subtitles!!! That’s totally hawt!!!! 😆

  6. John – you really went all out for this…I am impressed… a little envious I didn’t think of it myself. I am not going to question if its Guap…oh don’t go there..

  7. That so made me laugh! Brilliant! Works so well in French. Maybe I should do that to my friends – c’est ton anniversaire! Maybe not.

    • I love finding gems like this (I live for it actually), but this was especially special as it was for a great person. I think she really liked it and that is great.

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