Canada’s Best Music – 5 Songs At A Time – Part 21

It is Sunday and time for the next 5 in my list of Canada’s best music.  In this edition, 2 by a current Canadian favourite, a classic rock song, a second entry by the great Joni Mitchell and some garage rock by Ugly Duckling.

1. Blue Rodeo

Diamond Mine

Cover of "Diamond Mine"

Cover of Diamond Mine

Blue Rodeo are Canada’s number one alt-country, rock band.  They have been churning out the hits for many years and are still at the top of Canada’s popular music game.  This song was released in 1989.

2. The Ugly Ducklings


The ugly duckling....

The ugly duckling….

Waaaay back in the 60’s, The Ugly Ducklings were the best there was on the Toronto music scene.  Garage rockers extraordinaire.  The version here is from a 2000 concert.  Love it live.

3. Blue Rodeo

“Hasn’t Hit Me Yet”

Blue Rodeo 1

Blue Rodeo 1 (Photo credit: Neal Gillis)

A second song by Blue Rodeo in this set.  This is from 1993.

4. Joni Mitchell

Free Man in Paris

Joni Mitchell performing in concert photo by P...

Joni Mitchell performing in concert photo by Paul C Babin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A  second tune on the list by the incomparable Joni Mitchell.  Easily one of the greatest ever.  This video features a live version and features an incredible band.  Really, really good!!

5. Chilliwack

“My Girl (Gone Gone Gone)”

Bill Henderson (lead singer and guitarist for ...

Bill Henderson (lead singer and guitarist for Chilliwack) taken in Merritt, BC, Canada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Chilliwack is one of those bands that really should have made it big worldwide.  Very talented with strong songs.

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  1. Another great set, John. Really liked the Blue Rodeo stuff, and can’t go wrong with Joni.
    Ducklings was easily my favorite in this batch.
    Chilliwick didn’t do it for me though. Reminded in parts of Safety Dance, and then of every 80s synth pop-jazz band…

    • The thing with chilliwack is truish. This wasn’t one of their better songs though and they were doing it in the 60’s an early 70’s. the ducklings were great and even better in 2000 than 35 years earlier. Glad you liked blue rodeo. Another band that stayed home instead of trying to be world beaters.

  2. Joni Mitchell has some all-star band backing here there.

  3. Taught my then 4 year old son to sing Blue Rodeo’s Bad Timing…he sang it beautifully. Then he grew up. Damn it all…why do they have to go and do that for? *sigh* Sadly, he doesn’t remember it, so I have to remind him every now and then. Hey Jude was another one…classics…

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