Stanley Cup – Round 1 Prediction – Was I Psychic?

Boston Bruins forward Milan Lucic celebrates w...

Boston Bruins forward Milan Lucic celebrates with the Stanley Cup after his team's Game 7 win against the Vancouver Canucks on June 15, 2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lets see how I did and then predict the second round.

Eastern Conference

New York Rangers vs Ottawa Senators

I called Rangers in 5.  The series went seven and I came away impressed with the Senators.  I think  they are back and must be considered a budding force in the future.

Boston Bruins vs Washington Capitals

Once again the Bruins were Drydened.  Braden Holtby, a 22-year-old rookie goalie, picked up the Capitals, put them on his back and defeated the reigning cup champs in 7 games.  A notable event, all 7 games were decided by 1 goal, the first time that has ever happened.  The Bruins lost with class, the Caps won with class.  Kudos t both teams for an entertaining series.

Florida Panthers vs New Jersey Devils

Florida wasn’t a mirage.  They extended the devils to 7 games before losing to a better team.  The devils move on.

Philadelphia Flyers vs Pittsburgh Penguins

It was the best series. A wild one with records set for goals scored and both teams showed a complete lack of defense.  Not to mention the obvious dislike between the teams.  I call Pittsburgh in 6, I was close.  Philadelphia won in 6.

Western Conference

Vancouver Canucks vs Los Angeles Kings

I am happy to report that, as I expected, the Kings easily won this series.  The Canucks are a team in complete disarray.  And for those Canuck fans clinging to the skilled team getting beat up by the inferior team, I have 3 things to refute that.  How many “skilled”  players are on the team.  I count 2.  LA won because they could roll 4 lines, the Canucks, on any night, had 1, maybe 2 decent lines.  Their depth on the skill side does not exist.  Second, in last years playoffs, they were the 2nd most penalized team in the league, following Anaheim, who only played 6 games.  In the series against LA, Vancouver averaged 18.8 penalty minutes per game, whereas LA only had 10.6.  One of two conclusions, they are as dirty as I say, or the refs hate them too.  Expect Vancouver to be gutted in the off-season.

St Louis Blues vs San Jose Sharks

Gooaltending was the difference as the Blues cruised into the 2nd round, and they did so with number 2 goalie Brian Elliott.  Number 1, Halak went down with an injury.  He will be back in round 2.

Phoenix Coyotes vs Chicago Blackhawks

Phoenix defeated the Hawks in a close series.  The Coyotes are in the second round for the first time in their post-Winnipeg history.

Nashville Predators vs Detroit Red Wings

Nashville moves on as expected.  The Predators could go all the way this year.

Now for the second round predictions.

Washington Capitals vs New York Rangers

If Holtby continues his magic, the Capitals will win.  If the Rangers solve him early, the it could be a sweep for New York.  I think Holtby is for real, the Caps will win in a tough 6 game series.

Philadelphia Flyers vs New Jersey Devils

I pulled a number out of my hat and Philadelphia will win in 5.

Phoenix Coyotes vs Nashville Predators

Despite last nights loss, the Predators will prove to much for the Coyotes.  It will go 6 games.

St Louis Blues vs Los Angeles Kings

Potentially a great series.  I am picking the Kings only because I want to thank them for taking down the Canuckleheads.

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  1. Good picks. I think the two Eastern series will be terrific. Very close. And LA is poised for a big run. Jonathan Quick might be the best goalie in the world right now.

  2. The grace, the poise, the-
    waitaminute – I thought this was luge season.

  3. Wonderful post about something I dont care enough about to read. I do care about you though, so consider this my obligatory showing up. Hope you have a good day.

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