Wandering Wednesday – Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, USA

Question Of The Day

Why don’t you ever see the headline “Psychic Wins Lottery”?

Our follow the sun tour started out in Banff, Alberta.  We stayed at the Banff International Hotel.  Do Not Stay Here.  Run down and noisy.  After much discussion, we decided our first stop would be Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.  We booked a room on-line at the Coeur d’Alene Resort and took off.  We headed south and hit the USA border early in the afternoon.  It really has a border look here, something I never noticed crossing over on the prairies.  There is actually a line carved into the terrain.  Check out the picture.  That line is cleared bush up the side of a mountain.

Leaving the border (yes, they let us in), we made our way towards our destination.  The highway was great, with lots of scenery, and, it was glorious day, sun shining and warm.  Exactly what we were looking for.  As we continued south, we realized we must be close to our destination.  Lori went crazy all of a sudden as Kohl’s came into view.  My worst nightmare, a shopping trip.  I managed to feint left and duck right and got away.  We arrived at our hotel, The Coeur d’Alene Resort.  Very impressive.  We checked in and at the same time booked an extra night.  It seemed like a great place to spend a few days and there was lots to do.  We headed up to our room and discovered a great view.  Nothing adds to a stay somewhere than looking out your room’s window and seeing something spectacular.

What a view

After settling in, we headed out for a bite to eat.  We decided to try out a place called Tito Macaroni’s, an Italian place on the main street downtown.  Bad choice.  The food started out okay, but as you dug deeper it became very greasy.  Tip to the restaurant, cut back on the oil.  The best part was Pinot Noir that we tried.  Very good.

Nice Pinot

From Tito’s, (we needed to leave) we headed for a place I had spied that advertised live music.  Right up our alley as it was called “The Wine Cellar“, meaning it covered off two ticks right away. music and wine.  We headed in.  We were immediately seated and we were served by a terrific young woman named Cammie.  We were discussing our upcoming trip to Portugal and she noted that her background was half Portuguese.  we ordered some Port (we are in training) and settled in to listen to the band.  It was a great evening.  I only wish I had recorded more but, we were busy socializing in a very friendly establishment.  The performer was Max Daniels and his band.  Loads of fun.  Here is a sample.

At The Wine Cellar

The evening ended and we headed back to our room, looking forward to exploring the countryside.


About John

I enjoy travel, sports, music (a dedicated site at http://therealcanadianmusicblog.com/) and anything else that jumps up at me for the moment, which is why I blog. There will be lots of travel posts, pictures and our videos as well as a smattering of sports and humour. I enjoy promoting Canada and am unabashedly a proud Albertan

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  1. Sounds like a nice trip, John.

  2. Nice visit. Funny about the border.
    How about a different question of the day – like What day is it???

  3. Sounds like you had a good times! My dad grew up around Coeur d’Alene but I don’t think he liked it that much! I drove through it in September but I didn’t really get to enjoy any of it!

    • I think it was the day more than anything. 70 above and bright sunny day. We needed that. The downtown was packed with people and the decks and sidewalk bars were all open. Good time.

  4. Funny, I had just asked my hubs the same question about the lottery the other day. Great minds think alike! 😛

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