Wandering Wednesday – Avebury and Stonehenge, Wiltshire, UK


What if the Hokey Pokey really IS what it’s all about?

 Avebury and Stonehenge

I am on an English kick, reliving a road trip we took in 2008.  If you are keeping score, I am also on an alpha kick as I trek down the bucket list trail.  Avebury is a UNESCO World Heritage site, not far from Stonehenge.  The main difference between the two is accessibility, and the requirement at Stonehenge to wade through protestors and pseudo Druids, then pay 20 pounds  to walk in a tightly restricted circle around the monument.  In order to get there from Portsmouth, we had to drive right by Stonehenge, so I guess I should post some photos of this icon.  We stopped, BUT, you could pretty much call it a drive by.  The pictures! (note the use of the exclamation point)

This is a picture of the fore-mentioned protestors and Druids.

We think that the Druids changed some anti-protestors into these.  They seemed to want something and were used to humans.

We crossed over the motorway (how English of me) and took a few shots, which saved us 20 quid.

You’d think they would put up a picture barrier of some sort.  It is almost like we were there.  You can see the people in the background bemoaning the fact it cost them 4 beer to get in there.  Yes, beer is pretty expensive in the UK.

Our work is done here, so off to Avebury.  This is different but the same.  There are giant stones scattered about in a seemingly random pattern, the big difference, you can walk among them and truly appreciate the size of the project undertaken by these people.  One also learns to appreciate that sheep poop is pretty much just as sticky on your shoes as most any kind of poop.

This next shot will give you an appreciation on how big these stones are.  Also, note the wild animals.

On a serious note, both are worthy to see, and close enough together to make it a must for both.  I did find Stonehenge interesting, although the crowds and protests and price were turn offs.  Avebury was far more natural, but not as structured.  Wandering through a farmer’s field and dancing around sheep poop was different was more than offset by the proximity of the stones, but it was free and there was a nice restaurant with very cold beer, a major plus for me.

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  1. Another great quote.
    Nice pics. Looking forward to the in-depth post exploring various livestock poops and consistency by geographic area.
    It could be a dissertation! Not sure what field though…

  2. When I was young, we passed by Stonehenge. Back then there were no fences, no charges. It did indeed belong to the people and I walked among the stones alone, unencumbered by petty rules. It was early morning, rising sun, no hordes of tourists with clicking cameras. It is a very special place but few people today get the chance to experience the real Stonehenge. I feel very lucky to have done so.

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