Pass The Olive Oil

A 1-liter glass bottle and bowl Bertolli brand...
Am I real or not. Find out below

This is disturbing.  We remember thinking, while in Italy, that the olive oil tasted way better there.  We chalked it up to fresher olives, locally pressed etc.  Not so.  If you use Extra Virgin Olive Oil, read the linked article and watch the attached video.  Major scam here.  The article rats out the good and bad suppliers to help us in purchasing the real thing.

Author: John

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9 thoughts on “Pass The Olive Oil”

  1. Sadly, the Olive Oil industry in Italy has let it’s quality slip dreadfully. All sorts of crud is sold calling itself Italian, when it is not and calling itself Extra Virgin, when it is not. The best advice I can tender is to get some advice on good brands and then pay the good money. The real stuff is not, repeat not, inexpensive.

    1. Agreed. The link gives results of some testing and notes the real ones and the bad ones. I also read that “some” organics and certified ones by the Olive Oil Certification group are the way to go.

  2. I’m the stupid consumer that falls for the best label. If it looks like what I imagine an old world Italian package would look like, I’ll buy it! haha! I’ve actually brought home some bad tasting olive oil but thought perhaps I was just too American to know what good olive oil should taste like. And it’s sooo expensive!

    1. Until today, we used Bertolli. We just bought a bottle of Fontodi, and will be experimenting with a Caprese tonight. Hopefully we can recapture the same taste explosion as we had when we were in Sorrento.

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