Canada’s Best Music – 5 Songs At A Time – Part 13

Tonight we will be hearing from two classic rock bands, a maritime treasure with a violin, a Roch and Roller and a 21st century Canadian group who split much to early.

1. Roch Voisine

“Shout Out Loud”

Higher (Roch Voisine album)

This is a live version of this song that Roch performed at a Canada Day celebration.  The band is very tight with a great sax solo.  Roch is a very consistent performer, always hitting his mark.

2. Natalie MacMaster


English: Natalie MacMaster performs at Edmonds...

If you like your fiddling to be Celtic, then you will love this.  Natalie MacMaster is a virtuoso in this discipline.

3. Doug & the Slugs

“Day by Day”

Good story about this band.  At one point in my life, I lived in a town with about 3,000 people.  The bar in town brought this band in to play a one night stand.  Bar could only hold about 250 patrons, but they managed to pack in about 400 of us.  Great night, huge party.  Then the encore.  A huge fight breaks out and Doug is surrounded by bouncers and escorted through the mayhem.  All in all, a terrific evening in Saskatchewan.  I even made about 50 bucks at the pool table.  Ahhh, memories.  Unfortunately, Doug Bennett passed away a few years back, glad I did get to see them.

4. Pat Travers

“Boom Boom (Out go the Lights)”

Cover of "Boom Boom"

You want some rock and roll.  I can’t hear you, Do you want some ROCK AND ROLL.  I can still remember my mullet.

5. Alexisonfire

“Young Cardinals”

Young Cardinals

A great band that broke up before it’s time.  Dallas Green has an insane heavy metal singing voice.

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6 thoughts on “Canada’s Best Music – 5 Songs At A Time – Part 13”

        1. Roch was pretty big in the day. Nice voice and a pretty good songwriter as well. There will be a few more by him as I go. Getting close to Robert Johnson on the blues. Doing Lonnie Johnson tonight

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