Let’s Explore The Blues – Georgia Cotton Pickers

In my last post we looked at Barbeque Bob (Robert Hicks).  In addition to his solo career, he was also a member of the world’s first supergroup.  He, along with Curley Weaver and Buddy Moss, formed this group in 1930 and recorded a few tunes.  Unfortunately, these were the last songs that Bob ever recorded.

This is their version of Blind Blake‘s “Diddie Wa Diddie”


Here is Ry Cooder‘s version.

This is a take by Leon Redbone.

The next song to listen is a standard called “She Looks So Good”.  You will recognize many songs woven into the fabric of this one.

She Looks So Good

One final tune.

“She’s Coming Back Some Cold Rainy”

This is a version by the Preservation Hall Jazz Band.  This version is, in a word, sweet.  I want to listen this song on repeat for about a week.

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  1. A great series of tunes, John. The sound of a guitar in the hands of a master never ceases to amaze me.

    • I’m thinking you liked Leon. Couldn’t find much of anything on these guys. Everything led back to Barbeque Bob. I found the New orleans take on these songs to be a perfect match.

  2. I went to college in New Orleans and spent many a night listening to the Preservation Hall Jazz Band. It’s special to hear them again on the night before Mardi Gras! Thanks!

  3. Wow. What an excellent, soul-infused, jazzbluesy (had to combine the two!), version of this song by the Preservation band. Awesome stuff. I need to check out more by them. As for The Pickers, “She Looks so Good” is an awesome piece. I can’t wait for the next segment. Really enjoying these!

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