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I did it people,  I have reached a week without Facebook.  That’s right, I pulled the plug, removed the bookmark, deleted the app on my phone and went completely cold turkey (although I have only deactivated it so far, just in case).  Hell, I beat nicotine, I should be able to beat Facebook.  I really thought that this would be difficult.  Guess what!  It is not hard at all.  It is actually quite liberating.  I had 150 friends or so, give or take.  The really important ones, I see regularly anyway, or communicate via email.  I see people join up, burn brightly for a few weeks, then disappear, never to be heard from again.  What happened, did they get hit by a truck, forget their password,  or did they just figure out how pointless the whole thing is and ignore it.  And the constant tweaking, it drives me nuts.  The privacy issues, the massive database, the targeted ads!  Where will this end.

What exactly is the point?  Most of the people on my friend list were never even online.   I’m sure most won’t even notice I am missing.  Hopefully, I do not relapse.  I will update again when I get the nerve to actually, fully, completely cut the thing.

About John

I enjoy travel, sports, music and anything else that jumps up at me for the moment, which is why I blog. There will be lots of music and travel posts and a smattering of sports and humour. I enjoy promoting Canada and am unabashedly a proud Canuck.

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  1. But what about your farm?!?
    Congrats, John. I got rid of mine quite a while ago and have yet to regret it.

  2. I’m looking for real friends not Facebook friends and that, for me, takes precedence over ‘you can get more traffic for your site by getting involved in Facebook and its ilk’.

  3. Hi,
    Well done. I have visited facebook a couple of times, through a friend, I don’t have an account myself, but from what she showed me on her page and others, I really didn’t get it, I must admit. I much prefer the blogosphere. 😀

    • Here is a great example, I never would have interacted with you on Facebook, just not possible is it. But on here, much more community like. I like it here much more than there.

      • I agree, I think the blogoshere is very much a type of community, and reading different posts is also great, some funny, some great information, others you learn about other country’s and list goes on.

        From what I seen on facebook, there is not much very good reading at all, mind you I was only on there for less than an hour, but that is what I sort of observed.

        • Seconded! And really, I found every subsequent hour to be just like the first, Magsx2. Just less novel.

        • There is no reading at all on the book. To compare an hour there and an hour here is really no comparison at all. And the other countries thing, so very true. We are planning a trip to spain and Portugal and I follow a blog called Piglet in Prtugal. Has she been a help, I think so. I have no friends on Facebook from there, and never would.

          • @ El Guapo,
            It seemed a bit boring to me in a way, but millions like it, so I am of course speaking personally.
            @ John,
            That is a perfect example.
            The things that I have learned through blogs is amazing, the beautiful pictures, paintings, you name it. Personally I think blogging is a great place to interact with other people from around the world. 🙂

  4. I do Facebook about once a week. It got old. I used to do Farmville, then I got sick of it. I left crappy sarcastic messages with hay for a month, then I madly deleted all my apps and never looked back. And I go there every so often, post 4-5 things and leave. I probably missed some birthdays like that, but hey, should have been born while I was on Facebook.

    So good for you. But it’s really hard to quit WordPress. I wish I knew how to quit….um… you…. no, wait….

    • After reflecting for a week, and a conversation with Lori, I am pretty much convinced that it is impossible to leave. What I will be doing in becoming minimalist, cull the friend list, remove all extraneous crap and visit once a month. I see her point about family etc, as we are far from most of them geographically. In simple terms, i am imbedded and this is the main point of contact for a lot of people I am close to.

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