Rachele Lynae – Twitter Thursday

Presented for your listening pleasure is Rachele Lynae.  Rachele is a young, budding star with a great voice.  Currently doing the country thing, I can see her moving into some bluesy, R&B/Soul songs without much tweaking.  Either way, I see  some excellent potential going forward.  Check out this song.

He Don’t Know

I tend to judge by live performances.  Live music rules.  Here is a video I found of Rachele singing an original composition.  It appears that she has undergone a name change at some point in the last 2 years.  Again, she shows that she can pretty much do country to blues.  I’ve said on several occasions that Country is not my favourite genre, so I tend to convert this into R&B or blues to get a feel for what I’m hearing.


Sometimes You Fly

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  1. Hi,
    She has a beautiful voice. 🙂
    Loved the songs.

  2. She sounds a bit like a less angry Avril Lavigne. Beautiful voice!
    Good stuff, as always, John.
    What do you mean by “convert this into blues”?

    • I see your point El G. But there is certain flare in country guitar or singing that I struggle with so I block it out. Country has a lot of r&b in it (country r&b) but there is still that tinge. I like guys like Travis Tritt or Johnny Cash but not,say…Dolly Parton or Paul Brandt. Rachele’s songs are very crossover so I put them more to the R&b side, enjoying them even more when I do that.

      • Just to make sure I understand – sounds like you change the definition to accommodate your tastes better so you don’t feel like you’re stepping out and listening to country.
        Is that accurate?
        I do something like that with techno to allow in the songs I like, though I’m not generally a fan of the genre…

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