Wandering Wednesday – Salisbury, Wiltshire, UK


If you were going to shoot a mime, would you use a silencer?  –  Steven Wright

Salisbury, Wiltshire, UK

Today’s wander involves a trip we took to the UK in 2008.  One of the places we visited was Salisbury.  The town is well-known for its’ cathedral, but there was a certain beauty to it that made us want more.  It is definitely on our places we would like to go back to list.  The place is so very story book English, yet has everything.  Take this picture as an example. Our hotel room had French doors,which I immediately opened and walked out of.  This is what I saw.

A view right of a Thomas Hardy novel, including the swans.  Not much to say, so I’ll just post pictures and give a quick description.

The Rose and Crown is where we stayed.  This picture is the outdoor section of the hotel restaurant.  Pretty nice place to have breakfast.

This is the entrance to the hotel.  This part of the building dates to the 13th century, and the toilets still work.  They don’t build them like they used to.

We headed out for supper and ended up here.  This is the outdoor terrace at the Red Lion in the Hilton Hotel in Salisbury.  A spectacular venue.  It was here that I introduced our English friends to Mexican beer.  They served Corona, which surprised me enough that I had to have a couple, bending my local beer rules for the occasion.

This is the Salisbury Cathedral.  It has several interesting points.  First, the cathedral was built prior to the town, using the “Build it and they will come” theory.  It worked in this case.  The spire is the tallest in the country at 404 feet.  It has the world’s oldest working clock (1386) and contains one of only four surviving copies of the Magna Carta.  It was also built in only 38 years, meaning the building is one of the few churches in the world of only one consistent architectural style.  Buildings of this size could take generations to complete, which incorporated the architecture of several eras.  It opened in 1258.

A last view of the River Avon looking towards our hotel.  All in all, this was a terrific place to visit, not anything like I expected.  I feel that the one day and night we spent here was not enough and hope to return here at some point in our travels.

Talent Tuesday – Canadian Releases – February 28, 2012

A bit different from last week, lots to choose from this week.

Teenage Kicks, a rock band out of Toronto released an album today titled “Be On My Side”.  They play an energetic rock style, utilizing all 5 members.  I definitely enjoyed the attached track.  This is their second album.  Stop by their home page.

Setting Son

English: Plants and Animals at the Montreal In...
Plants and Animals

Next up is a new album from Plants and Animals titled “The End Of That”.  They are and indie/ alternative band out of Montreal, with some Halifax added to the mix.  They have recorded since 2005, this being their 5th release.  The following is off the album.  Good tune, consider it downloaded.

Song For Love

Singer songwriter Rose Cousins released “We Have Made A Spark” today.

The early show at High Noon Saloon

Born in Prince Edward Island, Rose has carved a nice place in Canadian folk music.  This album is her 5th release.  I have attached a live version of “All The Time It Takes To Wait”.  The music starts at the 1:24 mark.  Very nice song.  She is with Royal Wood at the piano.

All The Time It Takes To Wait

My last Canadian release this week comes from Toronto band Memoryhouse.

Memoryhouse (Photo credit: : : Kasper)
The band has released their first full length disc this week titled “The Slide Show Effect”.  Interesting sound as shown in the attached video.  This is a live version of “Punctum”, which is on the album.


My last song for this weeks new releases is not a new release.  I heard this song the other day and I hit instant like.  The band is Graffiti6 and the song is titled, simply, “Free”.  Great tune.  The song is off the recent release called “Colours”.  They are out of London in the UK and are breaking out in a big.  It seems their music is everywhere on TV now.  Songs have been featured on CSI: NY, Grey’s Anatomy, Football Wives, One Tree Hill and Covert Affairs.  An early candidate for the top 10 of 2012.


Let’s Explore The Blues – Lonnie Johnson

Lonnie Johnson playing in Chicago, 1941. Origi...

Lonnie Johnson was another of the great 20’s and 30’s blues-men.  The difference in this case is that there is video of him performing his craft.  To get us in the mood for his story, here is Lonnie playing “Another Night To Cry“.

Another Night To Cry

Lonnie’s story begins in Louisiana, where he was born in 1899.  Like most families of that era, tragedy struck early and often.  While on tour in England in 1917, he returned to his home in 1919 only to find that his entire family, except one brother, James, had died in the 1918 influenza epidemic.  They moved to St. Louis, where he honed his craft, eventually winning a blues contest in 1925.  The prize, luckily for us, was a recording contract with Okeh Records.  His career took off at this point, appearing on recordings of such greats as Louis Armstrong, Victoria Spivey and Bessie Smith.

She’s Only A Woman

His guitar style is a jazz-blues mix.  His playing was so different from the standards of the day that he has been widely credited with creating the “guitar solo”.  He also mainstreamed the jazz guitar, showing along the way that is was a practical and important innovation to the blues scene of the day.  A true pioneer.

There is a story that says that Robert Johnson saw Lonnie as his idol.  Some say that a lot of Robert’s songs were merely updated versions of Lonnie’s tunes.  It is also said that Robert used say he was Lonnie’s brother even though they were not related.

He eventually left Okeh Records to begin recording with Decca Records.  He continued to play and tour with the best.  He morphed to the R&B side of things once WW2 ended.  One of his major hits of the time was a song that was later recorded by Elvis early in his recording life.

Tomorrow Night

The Elvis version.

Lonnie ended up in Toronto, Canada where he set up a blues club.  Unfortunately it failed.  In 1969, he was hit by a car.  He never fully recovered, and died in June of 1970.  Prior to his death, he sang a few songs at a benefit concert in his honour.  Players that paid their respects were people like Buddy Guy, Hagood Hardy and John Lee Hooker.

Too Late To Cry

Canada’s Best Music – 5 Songs At A Time – Part 13

Tonight we will be hearing from two classic rock bands, a maritime treasure with a violin, a Roch and Roller and a 21st century Canadian group who split much to early.

1. Roch Voisine

“Shout Out Loud”

Higher (Roch Voisine album)

This is a live version of this song that Roch performed at a Canada Day celebration.  The band is very tight with a great sax solo.  Roch is a very consistent performer, always hitting his mark.

2. Natalie MacMaster


English: Natalie MacMaster performs at Edmonds...

If you like your fiddling to be Celtic, then you will love this.  Natalie MacMaster is a virtuoso in this discipline.

3. Doug & the Slugs

“Day by Day”

Good story about this band.  At one point in my life, I lived in a town with about 3,000 people.  The bar in town brought this band in to play a one night stand.  Bar could only hold about 250 patrons, but they managed to pack in about 400 of us.  Great night, huge party.  Then the encore.  A huge fight breaks out and Doug is surrounded by bouncers and escorted through the mayhem.  All in all, a terrific evening in Saskatchewan.  I even made about 50 bucks at the pool table.  Ahhh, memories.  Unfortunately, Doug Bennett passed away a few years back, glad I did get to see them.

4. Pat Travers

“Boom Boom (Out go the Lights)”

Cover of "Boom Boom"

You want some rock and roll.  I can’t hear you, Do you want some ROCK AND ROLL.  I can still remember my mullet.

5. Alexisonfire

“Young Cardinals”

Young Cardinals

A great band that broke up before it’s time.  Dallas Green has an insane heavy metal singing voice.

Remembering Thom Enright

Thom Enright, former bass player for the 70’s band “The Young Adults” passed away on February 22 at the age of 59.  He succumbed to brain cancer.  The Young Adults formed in Rhode Island and were together until 1979, shortly after the song I have attached was released.  They reformed for a short time in 1987 to film a documentary called Complex World.

It’s A Complex World

A Nice Day For A Skate

We went for a skate the other day at Bowness Park in Calgary.  Unfortunately we couldn’t skate through the forest as that portion of the creek was closed due to thin ice.  We did skate on the lake for a while though.  Lots of fun.  Took the movie with my iPhone.

Tag – We’re It


Sorry if I frightened you.

Lily In Canada tagged me, in what appears to be a rising crescendo of tagginess among the people I  both follow or follow me.  In this case, I will refrain from tagging anyone else as it would be redundant at this point.  There are rules (aren’t there always) and in the interest of saturday morning laziness, they are copy and pasted here.



1. You must post the rules.

2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and the create 11 new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged.

3. Tag 11 people and link them on your post.

4. Let them know you’ve tagged them!


So, how are we doing so far.  Number 1, check.  Number 2, half check.  Number 3, check.  Number 4, check.  So I only need to do the fun part, answer the questions.

1. If you could live in a different country for a year, where would you live?

Panorama of Amalfi

Easy, Italy.  Likely the most beautiful place I have ever been.  The food, unbelievable, the wine hmmmm.

2. What would you do if you were the opposite sex?

Get a sex change.

3. If there was a fire in your house and you could only save 3 things, what would they be? (Family and pets would be safe!)

Teemu Selanne of the Anaheim Ducks during a pr...

My laptop, my passport and my autographed Teemu Selanne rookie card.

4. What is your favorite sport and why?

Hockey, because I played for 30 years and don’t want to think I was doing something that I didn’t love.

5. What is a TV show that you hate to miss?

Fringe (TV series)


6. If you could be fluent in another language, which would you choose?

French, because Canada is a bilingual country and I’m not.

7. Which actor or actress makes you mad?

Photo taken by Bobby131313.

Sean Penn, because I think he is about 3 cents shy of a dime.

8. What is your favorite vacation spot?

Anywhere, provided I haven’t been there before.

9. What is the first thing you would do if you were president, prime minister, etc?


10. Favorite thing to drink?

Malbec wine from Argentina

A nice Malbec, chilled to about 60 Fahrenheit.

11. Do you prefer baths or showers? Why?

Showers, because I don’t want to sit where people put their butts, and always get the feeling that I’m a soup ingredient.

Friday Funnies – Trailer Park Boys

The Trailer Park Boys from the Canadian mockum...
Image via Wikipedia

The Trailer Park Boys is an interesting cable show.  The characters lurch back and forth from charming to, well, disgusting.  Lots of innuendo, drugs, booze, law breaking and swearing, but, it is funny, and Canadian.  The action takes place in a trailer park (naturally) in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

In this post we will take a quick look at Ricky and things he says, otherwise known as Rickyisms.

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