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We are currently planning our next trip.  This go round we have one firm destination and no idea where, or what, to see along with it.  Here’s the itinerary potentials.  The one firm place is Barcelona in Spain.  We can go in several directions from here.  We are leaning to 4 days in Barcelona, then to Andorra (cause it’s there) and then south to the French Mediterranean.  We have looked at basing in Nice, France for a week or so and fanning out daily from there.  We have also considered going to Madrid, then to Lisbon, Seville, Gibraltar and Morocco as an alternative.

We need help in determining where to go and what to see.  The basic rules are, for our travel habits:

1. We will be on this trip for 2 weeks

2. We are 50 so crazy stuff don’t work for us anymore.

3. We love to eat

4. We like to try to blend in, staying away from tours etc.

If anyone has been and went places they thought were great, let me know.

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  1. One of my favorite cooking shows is TO SPAIN WITH LOVE. The host takes trips all over Spain and shows all the best places to eat, including hotels that have weekend events that include you in things like sausage and wine making. Looks like a blast to me!

    • Thanks H E We will check that out. Food is high on our priority list. The planning is the most daunting part. Once you are there, there are far to many options which buts up against so little time.

  2. Spain is a truly glorious country to travel through. Try searching out Cuenca, somewhere between Barcalona and Madrid. A lovely town in a spectacular setting.

  3. Never been, so no suggestions.
    But looking forward to taking advantage of your experience when you return and post!

  4. Hi,
    I’m sure you will come up with a great itinerary for your trip, it’s great when you can get away from it all for awhile. Will be looking forward to hearing where and what you have decided on.

  5. Can tag-a-logs join, cause my wife and I LOVE to travel! 😉 Nice blog, btw… And enjoy seeing the world. Have you been to China yet? If you go you must visit Chengdu! 🙂

  6. Haven’t been but definitely on me list. The only useless little tip I can give is to try their hot chocolate. I saw in some show that it is so thick, rich, and dark that it is almost like a syrup but in a heavenly way. If you want more info, with some wit, on its food then you can watch Anthony Bourdain’s take on it when he visits Spain; he absolutely LOVES its cuisine and he is kind of tough!

  7. I think we got her aced. Barcelona for 4 or 5 days, then Andorra for a day, then Nice for a week. Should cover it. Thanks for the vid Boy, We are very much looking forward to completely destroying ourselves on Sangria and tapas.

  8. Ha ha. Let the damage begin!

  9. My husband, son and I spent some time in the south of France. Once we stayed in the lovely village of Biot. Biot is one of the “perched” villages of Provence near the Mediterranean that were built in pretty difficult terrain. It is a spectacular place. We stayed in a very old in called the Galerie des arcades, which was incredibly cool and very very cheap. The three of us had a HUGE room with a bathroom in side and a fireplace large enough to roast an ox. There were frescos on the walls of our room dating back centuries. The food was good and it was within easy reache of Antibes. Nice was a ways off, but we made it up there. It was wonderful, and I can still see the town square (great pottery), taste the food and my favorite, feel the history. The staff of the Galerie was, ummm, very French. But it didn’t matter. Here is a website:

    • Thanks Elyse. We decided to split this in two as there is simply to much to see. We are doing the France portion next year (we hope). I have bookmarked the link you sent. Provence is a wonderful looking place and we were looking at Nice as a base for a portion of the trip. I was just working on an update for this post, so good timing. haha

      • Contact me before you go. Provence is wonderful — although I didn’t really think Nice was much to speak of — I prefer my traffic jams to be local.

        The town of Bonnieux in Northern Provence was wonderful, too. Nearby is the Pont Julien, a Roman Bridge. My husband and I looked and looked for it, driving back and forth across the current bridge, trying to find the old Roman one. Then we learned we had been driving on it — the Pont Julien, a 3,000-ish year old bridge is still in use today. So cool.

        Splitting the trip is a good idea. There is way too much to see and do.

  10. I will definitely do that, thanks

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