Yeah, This Makes Perfect Sense

P: Hey Quentin

Q: Whut Patricia

P: You remember Falon don’t you

Q: Yup, aw shore do

P: Well. she done pissed me off some

Q: Let us do something bout that

P: Whut y’all suggist Quentin

Q: Lets find her and blow er up, lets blow er up real good

P: K, I’ll grab some tampons and we’ll use them as fuses and blow up her car real good

Q: Great plan, bur first lets get real drunk and fool around and stuff

P: K, and can we smoke crack to

Q: shorr


The results at the link below:

Tampons as weapons of mass destruction!!

As a bonus, here is SCTV blowing up stuff, real good.  PS – Eugene Levy as Neil Sedaka is hilarious.




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  1. Hi,
    Not bad, I got the impression the guy in “pink” (you just have to love those matching socks and jacket) was having a hard time keeping his voice “high”. 😆
    I couldn’t watch it on your blog and had to watch it on YouTube.

    • Sorry about that, one of my weaknesses is checking whether people can actually view the thing. They had a lot of fun doing SCTV I think. A lot of talented people in that group who went on to bigger things.

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