I Wish I’d Said That

Sorry, not a Newt Gingrich fan, BUT, this video of him beating up John King at the recent debate in South Carolina is a classic.  Every politician has wanted to do this, but few are crazy (maybe like a fox) enough to actually do it.  If by some miracle he becomes the Republican candidate, then I would say that they could sell tickets to an Obama-Gingrich debate.  From the standing ovations given him, and the boos to John King during this smack down tells me that there is a lot of citizens that feel the same way.  Much as it pains me to say it, way to go Newt.

Newt vs John King

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  1. I disagree – when someone goes on and on about character, then runs for President, their character is most definitely a legitimate issue.

    • But you miss my point, I agree with you. i am only saying that the press is getting ridiculous and it is about time some one exploded on them. Newt is not presidential material.

      • Ah, got it. Though I think (sadly) that the whole process has descended to its lowest common denominator – candidates and journalists.
        And it’s very disheartening as a voter to not be able to find an accurate report or representation of any of this

        • I feel your pain. Our system is much simpler, yet just as crazy on the vitriol. Still, I find what i see down there as wasteful. I assume the craziness will get worse as the months go on. As a neutral observer though, the press down there is insane. They call the Brits a tabloid press, but what I read is pretty much the same. There is nothing neutral anymore. They wear their politics on their sleeve and basically shill for their guy, and work to destroy the other guys. That is not journalism, which is why i liked what Gingrich did. Somebody needed to throw cold water on this. Maybe it will be a conduit to change, or not. At least one of them said what they all think.

  2. Hi,
    Believe it or not, this has also been reported in some newspapers in Australia. I fist saw this video in one of our newspaper blogs.
    Anyway if you would like to read what was written in one of our newspapers here is the link.

    • Interesting to see how the rest of us view the American political system. I believe you have pretty much the same as we do in Canada, parliament, an un-elected senate and a governor-general? Or did you lose some of that English legacy?

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