Remembering Etta James and Johnny Otis

Johnny Otis
Call My Name (album)

I am deeply saddened.  Etta James and Johnny Otis have a distinct musical relationship.  I cannot add to what Matthew Coleman has outlined at The Music Court as he has explained their relationship.  For both to pass away in the same week is very disheartening.

Etta James – I’d Rather Go Blind

Johnny Otis – Hand Jive

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  1. Yeah, knew you’d have something up shortly after Johnny and Etta passed if you where any where you could type it up and post.
    While most people talk about “At Last” (as I will when I bring it up whenever I figure out what I want to post about her), I think your choice for her is spot on – more so with her intro to the song.
    As far as the Otis tune – it will remind anyone who hears if of a dozen different versions and covers, though his production of the original (written by Jerry Leiber) is the original…

    Sad day, great tunes to honor them with John.
    As always, thank you. The “Like” is for the legacy…

  2. Thanks El G, I see a nice bottle of Malbec and a cranked stereo tonight. Hope you visited Matthew’s link. Good post on the subject. I thought long and hard on what song to put up (At Last, while great, is played a LOT) and this one really highlighted her voice and range. Hand Jive just seemed to be a perfect note for Johnny Otis, although he has much more in his catalogue, that one was a very joyous tune.

  3. “Hand Jive” was a perfect choice indeed. It is great song. Thanks for the mention John.

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