Remembering Bob Weston

1973 line-up with Christine McVie, Mick Fleetw...


Bob Weston, guitarist with Fleetwood Mac in the early 70’s passed away on January 4th.  He was 64.  He joined the group in 1972 and was with them until late 1974.  He mainly supported lead guitarist Bob Welch, Bob also added superb slide guitar work as well as harmonica and banjo.  He appeared on two albums with the band, “Penguin” and “Mystery To Me”.  He left the band after it was revealed that he had been having an affair with Mick Fleetwood’s wife, Jenny Boyd.   He released 3 solo albums in the early 80’s, including one that featured, oddly enough, Mick Fleetwood on drums.  Bob was featured on many other albums with such people as long John Baldry, Steve Marriott and Danny Kirwan.

I have included 2 videos for you to view.  The first is an unusual one, Bob and his friends, sitting in a pub, belting out “Something’s In The Air” and an older live tune (Believe Me) from 1973 that feature Bob Weston on lead guitar, Christine McVie on vocal & keyboards. Bob Welch on rhythm guitar, Mick Fleetwood on drums and  John McVie on bass.  Terrific cuts, both of them.


Something’s In The Air


Believe Me

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  1. Great stuff. It always amazed me that Lindsey Buckingham, replaced 2 guitarists in Mac.
    This guy will be missed.

  2. Your first video – that was with some of his Hampstead mates in a local, and most of them played at his wake. Very well, I might add. It was a sad evening…

    The second video explains why I sometimes teased him about white suits…

    • The bar video was so unique I had to share it to my little group of readers. Actually I thought it was a great piece of history. Thanks for stopping by.

      • Thanks for thinking of Bob.

        If anyone cares for a slice/nutshell of Bob, “There’s a Heaven” (1999) sums him up well, I think. Immensely musical man. I have fond memories of him, when he lived with us in a huge house in Selsey, disappearing upstairs to his room with an idea, and reappearing 2 hours later with a finished/polished song…

        Daft as a box of frogs, but a gent, and I loved him for both.


        • Daft as a box of frogs. Love that. Have relatives in east grinstead. Love these sayings. I will check out your recommendation. He was a great musician and he will be missed. Hope you pop in again.

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