Remembering Larry (Rhino) Reinhardt

captain beyond US Promo Release of 1st Album

January 2nd saw the passing of guitarist Larry Reinhardt.  He was the player who replaced Erik Brann in Iron Butterfly and was the guitarist on their Metamorphosis album.  He went from there to Captain Beyond in 1971, forming the band with Iron Butterfly bassist Lee Dorman.  The band had some success, eventually breaking up in 1973.  He then played with Bobby Womack in the mid 70’s and reformed Captain Beyond 1976, breaking up again the following year.  The balance of his career consisted of many tours as part of an Iron Butterfly reunion group and a final reformation of Captain Beyond in 2000.

Captain Beyond Live in 1972

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  1. I am amazed at the sheer volume of quality music you’ve found to post. And saddened at the the number of artists I hear of for the first time here that are dead.

  2. You do a pretty fine job with music yourself. I am surprised as well. Some of these guys I have never heard before either, and some I have heard without knowing it was them. In any case, I have expanded my musical knowledge through this exercise, even though it does sadden. The beauty though, is that they never really die as their legacy is out there and I can chase down more of their work if I choose, and at the same time honour them.

  3. One of my favorite albums is “Sufficiently Breathless.” First time I bought it I had no idea who the band was. I saw the album in the cutout bin and liked the album cover, so I bought it. Then it came out on CD and I got it as a Japanese import.
    That album reminds me of a cross between The Allman Brothers and Santana.

  4. Definitely a bit different than the self titled. Listening to some cuts as I type, these were right up my alley when they came out.

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