Hey Ma, I’m A Versatile Blogger

I have the award to prove it.

Im Sooomeeebuddy!!

The award does come with some heavy responsibilities though, kind of like a quest.  The first responsibility is to thank the person who bestowed the honour on me, so for this I humbly thank Guapola.  He writes a very entertaining blog, which I visit regularly.  There is a very loose feel there, with some great wit and parry and thrust.  Oh, and the posts are great.  Stop by there and enjoy yourself.  The second is to nominate 15 blogs for the award, as well as tell them of said nomination, and the third is to share seven random things about myself.

As the quest continues, I must now nominate 15 blogs for the award.  This is the best part of the endeavour.  I began my blog in April, never considering that there is a strong community of fellow bloggers who are both seeking and lending support.  I very much enjoy the community and its denizens and becoming more confident from the support as well as more comfortable in lending it.  With out further adieu. I nominate the following, with a short reason why I chose them.  Please pay them all a visit.  For those who have already received the bling, I apologize for the repeat, yet, in my mind, I still want you to have it, as this time it is from me.

1. Mona Lisa Memoirs

T is an aspiring writer.  I first ran across her on Twitter, through a group of sports bloggers.  She tweets about her beloved Flames and Capitals of the NHL and writes nice and humorous posts about life in Saskatchewan.

2. Zapple100’s Blog

Loves comics, even has a picture of Brainiac on his side bar.  The master of the short post, Zapple mixes music, muses and nostalgia.

3. Short and Fun

Cool stuff kept short is the byline, the blog lives up to it, other than odd Batman post.  A rookie like myself, the posts usually feature music.  I enjoy it because there is something new (to me) on here regularly.

4. The Sportz Guru

I don’t think he is really a guru, but he does know his sports.  I have a soft spot in my heart for this blog as it has 3 firsts for me.  He was the first to like a post, comment on a post and put me on a blogroll.

5. The Music Court

I am a regular visitor to Matt’s site.  His taste in music is just a touch off mine, which I love.  His love of music is right there with mine, which makes for some good conversation.

6. The Everyday Man’s Sports Blog

The hardest working blogger I know.  Had his own radio show, writes columns in various places and, of course his blog.  I enjoy my conversations with Mike.  If you like sports, this is a great place to visit.  Lots of comments.

7. Up For Discussion

Doesn’t post all that much, and usually about Canadian or Saskatchewan issues, which means that most of my readers may not be to interested.  I like to keep up to date and support friends at the same time.  Brandon fits both bills and deserves the recognition.

8. DinoJay2’s travelpod

An old friend of mine from Saskatchewan (actually was a goalie on a hockey team I played on with his dad), he is a very funny blogger who gets around.  One of my favourites.

9. I’ll Walk

An interesting concept. They are currently hiking Japan.

10. Backcountry Tranquility

A good travel blog, currently exploring the highlands of Scotland.  How can you not love a post called “What the Aonach Eagach Ridge taught Me”

11. Love Is Enough

A nice young lady from Tennessee (I think), who writes quick vignettes about her life.  Refreshing and spot on about the important things, Kaylen does a nice job.  A bit of music as well.

12. Life Is a Bowl Of Kibble

She slays me.  I am sure she has this award about 85 times.  Her writing puts a smile on my face, and she loves dogs.  What could be wrong with this blog?

13. The Fifth Top

An excellent music blog, again with taste that is just slightly off mine.  I look forward to the posts here as well.

14. Compass Tales

A travel blog that I recently came across that has a style I like, and great photos as well.

15. Oohgioia

A slice of life blog, well written, with some nice insights, Heather is one of my favourites now.

This concludes the tag part of tonight’s festivities, which leads to the last part of my quest.  I must now share the 7 random things about myself.


  1. Common to most, I still have no idea what I want to be when I grow up.  If you have any suggestions, I am open to listen.
  2. There is nothing more wonderful than a comfy spot where you can watch the world go by, while enjoying a refreshing beverage.
  3. I am cursed (blessed?) with one of those memories that cannot shed useless facts, kind of like Sheldon Cooper at a high school level. I am never invited to play Trivial Pursuit.
  4. I am obsessed with people and places, I can’t get enough of learning and experiencing what others see and feel every day, which fits in well with 2 above, and likely contributes to my love of beer.
  5. I’ve had a giant parrot sit on my shoulder and take the most disgusting crap down my back.  I was the first to volunteer (I’m shy), and let’s say, there was not a huge rush to have the parrot on other people’s shoulders after they saw my experience.
  6. I’ve determined that certain monkeys would make great hats (live monkeys, I’m not that mean).
  7. I can roast coffee perfectly.


About John

I enjoy travel, sports, music (a dedicated site at http://therealcanadianmusicblog.com/) and anything else that jumps up at me for the moment, which is why I blog. There will be lots of travel posts, pictures and our videos as well as a smattering of sports and humour. I enjoy promoting Canada and am unabashedly a proud Albertan

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  1. Thanks for the praise man. Much appreciated. And I will definitely check out the other bloggers listed on here. Good stuff!

  2. This is really neat. Thanks for the nomination. I will attempt to take on the challenge after the new year.

  3. Thank you for the nomination! I am honored. 🙂
    p.s. – You were correct about Tennessee. lol.

  4. Your blog should be read by as many people as possible John. And you’re absolutely right about the support thing between bloggers.

    Going to check out the blogs you mentioned that I don’t know, then check Amazon for a live monkey hat!

  5. Thanks for the nomination John.
    How do I nominate other blogs?

    • Hey Zap (Can i call you that), once nominated, you actually win. To nominate other blogs you write a post similar to mine, in which you thank the nominator of your blog(me), nominate the 15 blogs, inform them you did this, then tell 7 random things about yourself and put the logo in the post. A fun thing to do.

  6. Hey John thanks a lot for the nomination! I hope you’ll figure out what to do when you grow up. Don’t worry I’ve got the same problem here :P. I laughed reading your experience with the parrot ahahah. Not cool 😀

  7. Thanks a lot for the nomination! It feels great to be on somebody’s notable list 🙂

  8. We would make a speech, but we’re afraid we’d come over all Paltrow on you. Thanks so much for the mention!

  9. Live monkey hats… you were THIS close to making the cover of Vogue but you forget monkeys are all about the Spring/Summer lineup.
    I so love your first random fact, along with number four, because I share both of those with you. Thank you for the kind words! Happy 2012.

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