Canada’s Best Music – 5 Songs At A Time – Part 2

Don't Call Me Baby (Kreesha Turner song)

Today brings 5 more Canadian songs that I would like to share.  The mix this time out includes some bluegrass/country with the Good Brothers, some modern pop with Justin Bieber (sorry, but he is Canadian), some classic rock with the Ian Thomas Band (Dave Thomas of Strange Brew‘s brother), some hip hop/dance with Kreesha Turner and some out and out rock and roll with Billy Talent.  As always, please follow-up on these people using the links, and on YouTube.

1.  The Good Brothers

     “Fox on the Run”

Some mighty fine picking on this live version of the song.  These guys have been around a LOOOONNG time, their first album was out in 1967 and they are still recording and touring.

2.  Billy Talent

  “Try Honesty”

Another hard-working band that made it big world-wide, Billy Talent has recorded since 1999 and together in one form or the other since 1987.  Great song.

3.  Ian Thomas Band

“The Runner”

A couple of things on Ian Thomas.  First, he is the brother of Dave Thomas of SCTV fame, and Mackenzie brother fame, the hoser.  Second, you may recognize the song as a Manfred Mann song.  Not so, Manfred Mann’s version was a cover of the 1980 original.

4. Justin Bieber


Catchy, other than that – No comment.

5. Kreesha Turner

“Don’t Call Me Baby”

As if in response to Justin.

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  1. – The Good Brothers – say what you will about bluegrass, those guys are tight. And it’s a great song.
    – Billy Talent – Wow. Yeah, I’ll be looking them up.If only to find out what the hell is going on with the guitarist’s head. I though that hair style went out with Kid n Play. (also, the video embed was disabled by you tube – have to click to their site to watch it)
    Ian Thomas Band – Extra points for writing that great song!
    – Justin Bieber – sorry John, maybe I’m just old and set in my ways, but I don;t care if Bieber gets elected Pope and Grand Poobah ion the same weekend. I couldn’t bring myself to watch the video.
    – Kreesha – Beautiful voice!

    • Took a while to get back, comment was in the bloody spam filter. Enjoy the Good Brothers, very nice tight band for sure. Unfortunately, i never think to look if the video is limited or not, will get into that habit. Sorry about Bieber, debated putting it on in the first place but decided Kreesha’s Response? was a good way to fit it in and get a chuckle.

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