This May Be Cruel, But It Is Also Funny

Jimmy Kimmel put this one out there for parents.  A bit twisted, so if you don’t like this kind of humour, I would suggest that you not watch.  However, if you love this kind of laugh, you will be rolling on the floor.  What Jimmy did was ask parents to tell their kids they could open one present now, before Christmas.  The shtick is that it had to be a terrible present, film it and post it to YouTube under the heading YouTube Challenge – I Gave My Kids A Terrible Present.  The clip attached is from his show when he played a compilation of his favourites.  The last one is hilarious.

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  1. I really shouldn’t have clicked “Like”. But I don;t have kids. And while some of them were very very sad, some of them were hilarious.

  2. Jimmy Kimmel can suck my balls, I’m still chuckling on that one.

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