Remembering Sam Rivers

English: Sam Rivers
Sam Rivers (1923 - 2011)

A true giant of jazz and be-bop passed away on December 26 at the age of 88.  Sam Rivers, played saxophone, clarinet, piano and flute, with some harmonica.  His career spanned 60 years and included both him as a bandleader and several stints as a side-man for such greats as Miles Davis, Cecil Taylor and Dave Holland.  He had recorded 24 albums in his time.  His songwriting included such standards as “Beatrice”, which is the first video I have chosen.  This is a live version, recorded in 1989 with the Sam Rivers Quartet.  The song is mellow, but showcases Sam’s saxophone playing.


My second choice is a video with James Blood Ulmer, again live, and 1993ish.



My Top Tunes of 2011

Raphael Saadiq, American singer-songwriter.
Raphael Saadiq

This post includes songs that were new to me in 2011, meaning some of them may not be real 2011 releases.  Once again, my blog, my rules.  Now that I have set the ground rules, I will not mince words or platitudes on these bands or songs and will simply post the video with a link to their website.  Please visit them, and remember, support these artists and any others that strike you, be they authors, musicians, sculptors etc.  It is hard to be creative when you are starving.

10. Adele        Rolling In The Deep

Could have picked any of the songs on this album.

9. Matthew Barber    Keep It Alive

A beautiful ballad.

8. Foster The People   Pumped Up Kicks

The lyrics are what sets this song apart from the pack.  Easy to sing along, but what is it that you are singing.

7. Sara Bareilles    King of Anything

A light pop sound, but done, oh so well.

6. Amos Lee    Windows Are Rolled Down

This guy has been blowing me away for years.  Great, great song.

5. Cake    Sick Of You

My solar-powered entry.

4. Frank Turner   If Ever I Stray

British folk songs, sung by ex-punk stars with really cool videos seem to be very popular now.

3. Eliza Doolittle   Pack Up

Another cool retro style British pop song, and I have no idea why I liked it so much.

2.  Raphael Saadiq   Stone Rollin’

Saw him at the House of Blues in New Orleans.  PERFECT!!!  If R&B hadn’t been invented, he would be right now.

1. Trombone Shorty     Do To Me

I was stunned when I first heard this album.  Couldn’t download it fast enough.

Hey Ma, I’m A Versatile Blogger

I have the award to prove it.

Im Sooomeeebuddy!!

The award does come with some heavy responsibilities though, kind of like a quest.  The first responsibility is to thank the person who bestowed the honour on me, so for this I humbly thank Guapola.  He writes a very entertaining blog, which I visit regularly.  There is a very loose feel there, with some great wit and parry and thrust.  Oh, and the posts are great.  Stop by there and enjoy yourself.  The second is to nominate 15 blogs for the award, as well as tell them of said nomination, and the third is to share seven random things about myself.

As the quest continues, I must now nominate 15 blogs for the award.  This is the best part of the endeavour.  I began my blog in April, never considering that there is a strong community of fellow bloggers who are both seeking and lending support.  I very much enjoy the community and its denizens and becoming more confident from the support as well as more comfortable in lending it.  With out further adieu. I nominate the following, with a short reason why I chose them.  Please pay them all a visit.  For those who have already received the bling, I apologize for the repeat, yet, in my mind, I still want you to have it, as this time it is from me.

1. Mona Lisa Memoirs

T is an aspiring writer.  I first ran across her on Twitter, through a group of sports bloggers.  She tweets about her beloved Flames and Capitals of the NHL and writes nice and humorous posts about life in Saskatchewan.

2. Zapple100’s Blog

Loves comics, even has a picture of Brainiac on his side bar.  The master of the short post, Zapple mixes music, muses and nostalgia.

3. Short and Fun

Cool stuff kept short is the byline, the blog lives up to it, other than odd Batman post.  A rookie like myself, the posts usually feature music.  I enjoy it because there is something new (to me) on here regularly.

4. The Sportz Guru

I don’t think he is really a guru, but he does know his sports.  I have a soft spot in my heart for this blog as it has 3 firsts for me.  He was the first to like a post, comment on a post and put me on a blogroll.

5. The Music Court

I am a regular visitor to Matt’s site.  His taste in music is just a touch off mine, which I love.  His love of music is right there with mine, which makes for some good conversation.

6. The Everyday Man’s Sports Blog

The hardest working blogger I know.  Had his own radio show, writes columns in various places and, of course his blog.  I enjoy my conversations with Mike.  If you like sports, this is a great place to visit.  Lots of comments.

7. Up For Discussion

Doesn’t post all that much, and usually about Canadian or Saskatchewan issues, which means that most of my readers may not be to interested.  I like to keep up to date and support friends at the same time.  Brandon fits both bills and deserves the recognition.

8. DinoJay2’s travelpod

An old friend of mine from Saskatchewan (actually was a goalie on a hockey team I played on with his dad), he is a very funny blogger who gets around.  One of my favourites.

9. I’ll Walk

An interesting concept. They are currently hiking Japan.

10. Backcountry Tranquility

A good travel blog, currently exploring the highlands of Scotland.  How can you not love a post called “What the Aonach Eagach Ridge taught Me”

11. Love Is Enough

A nice young lady from Tennessee (I think), who writes quick vignettes about her life.  Refreshing and spot on about the important things, Kaylen does a nice job.  A bit of music as well.

12. Life Is a Bowl Of Kibble

She slays me.  I am sure she has this award about 85 times.  Her writing puts a smile on my face, and she loves dogs.  What could be wrong with this blog?

13. The Fifth Top

An excellent music blog, again with taste that is just slightly off mine.  I look forward to the posts here as well.

14. Compass Tales

A travel blog that I recently came across that has a style I like, and great photos as well.

15. Oohgioia

A slice of life blog, well written, with some nice insights, Heather is one of my favourites now.

This concludes the tag part of tonight’s festivities, which leads to the last part of my quest.  I must now share the 7 random things about myself.


  1. Common to most, I still have no idea what I want to be when I grow up.  If you have any suggestions, I am open to listen.
  2. There is nothing more wonderful than a comfy spot where you can watch the world go by, while enjoying a refreshing beverage.
  3. I am cursed (blessed?) with one of those memories that cannot shed useless facts, kind of like Sheldon Cooper at a high school level. I am never invited to play Trivial Pursuit.
  4. I am obsessed with people and places, I can’t get enough of learning and experiencing what others see and feel every day, which fits in well with 2 above, and likely contributes to my love of beer.
  5. I’ve had a giant parrot sit on my shoulder and take the most disgusting crap down my back.  I was the first to volunteer (I’m shy), and let’s say, there was not a huge rush to have the parrot on other people’s shoulders after they saw my experience.
  6. I’ve determined that certain monkeys would make great hats (live monkeys, I’m not that mean).
  7. I can roast coffee perfectly.


Remembering Dan Terry

Trumpet Solo


Trumpet player Dan Terry passed on at the age of 87 on the 27th of December.  Another player with an astounding pedigree.  He wrote scores for movies (The Hustler, The Manchurian Candidate), recorded 8 albums between 1952 and 1999, and played with the likes of Count Basie and Sarah Vaughn.  I went looking for some of his music and found the cut below.  If you like big band and trumpets, then this guy was for you.  Love that sound.

Santa’s Coming

Santa’s Coming, Santa’s Coming, Santa’s Coming, Santa’s Coming, Santa’s Coming, Santa’s Coming, Santa’s Coming, Santa’s Coming, Santa’s Coming, Santa’s Coming, Santa’s Coming, Santa’s Coming, Santa’s Coming, Santa’s Coming, Santa’s Coming, Santa’s Coming, Santa’s Coming, Santa’s Coming, Santa’s Coming, Santa’s Coming, Santa’s Coming, Santa’s Coming, Santa’s Coming, Santa’s Coming, Santa’s Coming, Santa’s Coming, Santa’s Coming, Santa’s Coming, Santa’s Coming, Santa’s Coming, Santa’s Coming, Santa’s Coming,

Canada’s Best Music – 5 Songs At A Time – Part 4

Sam Roberts Band playing Lollapalooza in 2007
Sam Roberts

Welcome back to the list of Canada’s best music.  This entry includes some current stars, a classic rocker and a pair of icons, one of whom you may not have realized was Canadian based on music history and cultural impact.  Let’s start with the video.

1. Sam Roberts

“Canadian Dream”

This is the first entry in the list for Sam Roberts.  The band is a current favourite and has an extensive following.

2. The Guess Who

“Running Back to Saskatoon”

Another Canadian icon makes its first entry to the series.  This song has always been one of my favourites for several non-musical reasons.  First I am originally from Winnipeg, where they hail from, and second Saskatoon is my second home, lived there for 15 years.

3.  David Wilcox

“Riverboat Fantasy”

David Wilcox, love this guy.  The prototypical live guitar player.  Writes some very interesting lyrics and simply loves to play live.  We saw him play at Olympic Plaza in downtown Calgary on Canada Day and it was just nuts.  Lots of fun when this guy cuts loose.

4.  Neil Young

“This Note’s for You”

Bet you didn’t know Neil Young was a Canuck did ya.  The first time on the list, this tune rocks.

5.  Our Lady Peace


A second entry in the first twenty songs posted.

Canada’s Best Music – 5 Songs At A Time – Part 3

;Bryan Adams live in the Color Line Arena, Ham...

This time out we have a bit more country/bluegrass, my first entry from a Canadian icon, some classic rock and a Christmas collaboration used for a fundraiser.

1. Eagle and Hawk

” NDN Cars”

A North American native anthem, the only version I can find on YouTube that wasn’t crap was the attached by Keith Secola.  Although not a Canadian, I will allow this as a pseudo-Canadian version.  My post, my call.

2. 5440


A Canadian classic, this is also a first entry, there will be more by this band.  One of our best bands, they never got the recognition they deserved.

3. Various Artists (Northern Lights)

“Tears Are Not Enough”

Part of the “We Are The World” famine relief efforts in the 1980’s, this song was Canada’s contribution.  The song, written by Bryan Adams, and features such artists as Neil Young, Geddy Lee, Burton Cummings and Anne Murray, a who’s who of Canadian artists at that time.

4. Bryan Adams

“It’s Only Love”

The first entry by a Canadian icon, this song was a major hit with Tina Turner.  The version I have inserted is a live one, recorded in Lisbon, Portugal and highlights the energy he can create on stage.  Oh, and Keith Scott is great on guitar.

5. Headstones


A 90’s band, they settle nicely into the classic rock genre.  A very successful group in their time.

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