Trombone Shorty – Wow

Troy "Trombone Shorty" Andrews with ...
Trombone Shorty


Trombone Shorty (Troy Andrews) is the best thing to come out of New Orleans in a while.  I just purchased his latest album on iTunes and have been completely blown away.  This post is completely educational of course.  I have to assume most of the world has not heard of him, or heard him for that matter.  This has to change.  In the music world, he is already well respected.  The new album, “For True” features such talents as Jeff Beck, Lenny Kravitz (Shorty was in his horn section at one time) and Kid Rock.  The style is a fusing of New Orleans jazz and funk and is excellent.  I have included 2 videos, the first is recorded live at the New Orleans Jazz Festival and showcases him with Jeff Beck.  Love to have been there for this, and the second is “Do To Me” off the album.


New Orleans Jazz Festival



Do To Me

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14 thoughts on “Trombone Shorty – Wow”

  1. Great Great Great. I know the Sly Stone cover in the first video from Sonia Dada.
    And I’ve added Trombone Shorty (whom I’d heard of, but never heard) to my songkick track so I know when he’ll be in NY.
    Great post, thanks for the turn on to some new music!

  2. If your travel plans happen to include New York City in late July, Trombone Shorty will be appearing at Central Park Summerstage on the 22nd, with Soulive and Anders Osborne.
    I will be there.

    But for now I have to go find out who the hell Anders Osborne is…

        1. LOL. I’ve done that. The best part is when no one has a clue who you’re talking about. Next thing, everyone knows them. Songkick is a great app. Just not as active in Calgary compared to NYC

          1. I’m amused by the Ticketmaster emails. I’ve bought tix through them for shows in MD, FLA, Toronto, and NYC, so I see the listings, get all excited, and then realize the show is a plane flight away.
            (If you come for a month, Fitz and the Tantrums are playing July 1 at Irving Plaza.)
            (Yeah, I’ve got tickets for that too.)
            (I can stop anytime. I mean it.)

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