Remembering Earl Gilliam

Statue of Lightnin' Hopkins in Texas


Texas bluesman Earl Gilliam passed away in October at the age of 81.  Earl was an inspired piano player who played with many gifted people over the years, such as Lightnin’ Hopkins, Albert King, Albert Collins, and Joe “Guitar” Hughes.  The video attached is HOT.  A live show in Holland in 1995 with the legendary Joe “Guitar” Hughes.  Earl is on piano.  Love the blues, especially with gifted musicians as this band was.


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  1. Love this guy. Love the blues.
    Among the long list of bluesmen I’m sorry I never go to see (who were alive in my lifetime) is him and Junior Welles.

  2. Love the blues to. I enjoy? (wrong word) paying tribute to these guys. Kind of morbid i guess, but there are just to many great players out there to be able to keep on top of them all.
    Good time on your comment stream today haha.

    • Thanks. They’re a lot of fun.

      If you don’t know him, also check out Snooks Eaglin, Heard him on American Roots not long ago. He passed on in 09, sorry I didn’t hear of him sooner. Good solid guitar blues, and a great showman.

  3. These guys are great. The New Orleans blues guys are awesome. Like this one. Thanks

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