Rome, Italy – September 14, 2010

Piazza Navona - Roma
Piazza Navona

The morning of the 14th, and we are expecting company.  Lori’s cousins from England are due to arrive at some point.  We decided it was good day to take our time, have breakfast, do some shopping and generally stay close until they arrived.  Being right on Via Del Tritone has its advantages.  Via Veneto was 100 yards from where we were staying and there were shops everywhere.  Lori went off browsing and I stayed behind to catch up on photo downloading etc.  I did have time to peek off the balcony of our apartment though.

Balcony of Our Apartment in Rome

Our companions arrived, but, quickly became tuckered out as they climbed the stairs to the 5th floor of the building, at least they seemed tuckered.  We hung around until Lori got back and we were off, with no real plan.  We gathered near the Spanish Steps.

The Crew

We arrived at the Spanish Steps and it was very active.  It looked as though a show was happening.  We were lucky enough to be directly in front of the stage and I took this video of Opera on The Spanish Steps.  Very impressive.

They day started late, and we left to find a restaurant for supper and some more evening life in Rome.

View from The Top of The Spanish Steps

Our friends called it a night.  Lori and I continued on into the evening, eventually ending up at Piazza Navona where yet again there was multiple events happening.  A concert, artists, shops, you name it.  Rome is an unbelievable place.  The video I took did not turn out, but the one I have here is representative of the evening in the Piazza and appears to be taken the same night we were there as I vaguely remember this happening.

Alas, the day was done and we had a big day planned with our friends the next day.  Back to the apartment we went.  I cannot describe how it feels to wander through the streets of Rome at night.  There is absolutely no fear at being in a strange city and no appearance of any danger.  I have never felt so comfortable anywhere else I have been.

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