My Reasons to Travel….As Often As Possible – Number 2 – The Rush

Sorrento - Image by nawgoo via Flickr

My second reason to travel as much as possible is, simply, the thrill of putting together the trip, then the anticipation as the departure date comes closer.  This is followed by the rush of being there.  We plan our next trip almost immediately after we return from the current trip.  We have definite places that we want to see, which we continually update as we go.  Our normal method of determining the next adventure always includes at least 2 bottles of wine, a wonderful dinner and a great mix on the iPod.  Once we determine where, we begin to work on how we get there, what we will see and where we will stay.  The advent of street view on Google and the,literally, hundreds of websites for accommodations make this a blast.  On our last trip, we pretty much knew exactly where we were staying from the outside and what was in the general vicinity.  We prefer B&B’s and have lucked out every time.  From an apartment on Via Tritone in the heart of Rome to a gem on the shore in Sorrento, to a picture perfect cottage in the English countryside, we have been on a roll.

The anticipation factor, once the tickets are bought, the accommodations booked and the very general itinerary laid out, we begin the wait.  As the date comes closer the excitement begins to build and time begins to race.  It is definitely a great way to make time interesting.  Then, finally, departure day.

This takes me to the rush.  I cannot explain how this would affect you, but for me, it is addictive.  The plane finally brings the destination into view and the adrenaline kicks in.  What is the airport like, will customs be crazy busy, or will we have a problem. I’ll never forget one arrival into London where the immigration officer asked us where we were staying and Lori’s mother pipes up (89 years old at the time), “I was born here” as if to say let us through.  The gentleman looks at her, then at her passport and says very drolly, “yes M’am, you were, a very long time ago”, then stamp, stamp, stamp and we were off.

The next rush is gathering the luggage, hoping it is all there, then figuring out how to get to our accommodations.  Once we get there then it’s what do we do now.  The first time out on the street is invigorating, not having a clue where you are, which way to go and not speaking the language is a great feeling, one that I cannot describe either.  To me, this is the most exciting part of any trip.  How does transit work, what is a good restaurant, and where is the closest sidewalk bar.

If you like adventure, and have an independent streak, with a smattering of street smarts, then I would say, ditch the tours, screw the cruises (unless you do excursions) and head out on your own, have a loose itinerary and embrace the uncertainty of doing it yourself.  You will see more, you will have the ability to change up your schedule if you want to and you will feel that you have genuinely tasted the local culture far more than following the tour guide and making sure you are following the right coloured flag.

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