Where Is The Stanley Cup – Part 6 – Nathan Horton

Nathan Horton scores in overtime

Nathan Horton beats the hated Habs Image by slidingsideways via Flickr

On July 15, it was Nathan Horton‘s day with the Stanley Cup.  Unfortunately, the TSA had other ideas.  Nathan and the keeper of the Cup arrived in Buffalo and were waiting at the over size luggage area for the cup to appear, and it didn’t  It did not make the flight and was still in Boston.  Nathan had big plans for his day and had to leave without the prize to make the planned festivities in Dunnville, Ontario, his hometown.

Howie Borrow, the cup keeper, remained in the airport to await the arrival.  Fortunately it made the next flight and it was off to Dunnville, better late than never.

In the mean time, Nathan arrived in Dunnville without the cup.  The decision was made by the organizers to delay the parade by an hour, but to go, with or without after the hour was up.  Fortunately, it ended up being without as Howie and the cup did not make it within the hour.  Howie, who now had the cup, grabbed a cab and headed for Dunnville.  He arrived after the parade, but made it for an event at the town bandstand.

Now in possession of the cup, Nathan continued on with the scheduled events for the day which included a stop at his mother’s house, a trip to Niagara Falls to visit his father, a visit to the OPP and a stop with a young cancer patient.  The final stop was a backyard party at the home of one of his friends.

An eventful day, and one for the books.



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