Bob Rae – I’m "Super Elite" – and a Fool

Picture of Bob Rae

Bob Rae - Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada Image via Wikipedia

There are leaders and then there are people who think they are.  Bob Rae thinks he is.  Canada’s Liberal Party leader (for now) has a rather warped sense of self importance.  Imagine the situation as described in this link and then think “sense of entitlement”  The taxpayer foots the bill for most, if not all, of his air fare.  He uses (I assume) his Aeroplan to amass vast amounts of frequent flyer miles, ramping himself to “Super Elite” status.  Then he uses this taxpayer fed status to worm his way on to a flight ahead of several people who had just been told there were no seats.  Lack of class, perhaps.  Lacl of common sense, definitely.  The optics are brutal and heighten the public’s current perception of both him and the party he represents as both elitist and entitlement driven.

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