Winnipeg Jets – Update – July 2

Vancouver Canucks forward Tanner Glass during ...
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The draft is done, the team is named, the uniform and logo are being worked on.  I would think that 95% of the world is happy that the Winnipeg Jets is the name chosen.  A lot of history in that name and it would have been a shame to name them anything else..

Free Agent season opened on July 1 and the Jets did not exactly make a splash.  Having said that, there really wasn’t anything there to make a splash with.  Better to save the cash, see what you have in the fall and move towards next year with the youngsters already in the system.  The goaltending is in good hands, the young defence is in great shape and signing a big name forward would have been a waste at this point. Lets face it, Brad Richards would have been an interesting pick up, but in reality, he would have added nothing to the team.  One other point to make is that Winnipeg will not be playing in the East in 2012-13.  The style of play in the West has some subtle differences, so it is a smart play to stay the course and work towards signing Western style players next year.

The 2 signed so far are decent depth players, which we are lacking and in fact, of all the Canucks in the playoffs, Tanner Glass was one of the few who impressed me.  Yes, his type of player is common, and yes, he will never be an all-star, but how many Canadian kids with heart do the Jets have at this point.  He will do well on the 4th line and was cheap.  Derek Meech is a solid AHL defenceman who is reaching the age where he could easily become a solid NHL player.  He is also a hometown guy which is always a plus.  He will make the team and will be a decent contributor.

Of the guys that are left,  Teemu Selane is an obvious choice.  A link to the past could be a path to the future.  Signing him is pretty much a no-brainer.

Late Breaking, the Jets have just signed defenceman Randy Jones.  He last played with Tampa Bay Lightning, but missed the playoffs with an ankle injury.  Another solid, but not spectacular signing.

A Jamie Langenbrunner or John Madden type of veteran would also be a reasonable pick up at this point as a veteran leader and bridge to the future, but only at the right price.

Author: John

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4 thoughts on “Winnipeg Jets – Update – July 2”

  1. I’m a Bostonian and thus a lifelong Bruins fan, but I am psyched that the Jets are back. It would have been better if Phoenix moved back up there just to keep the team history in one place/with one organization, but hey, beggars can’t be choosers, right? Go Jets (after they move West!)!

    1. Funny. I’m a life long bruins fan too. But the jets are in my blood as well. Born in the peg but haven’t lived there since 1989. Had seasons the 1st years they were there. Very happy to see them back. Live in Calgary. Can’t stand the flames. You would love my unmercifully mocking Canuck fans during the final.

  2. Awesome! What a crazy Cup Final it was, huh? Thanks for checking out my blog – it’s a work in progress for sure, but I’m getting the hang of it!

    1. I am pretty much a rookie myself. Get about 40 or 50 views a day now unless stumbleupon generates some crazy traffic. Had 900 hits one day on a post because of that. I find it fun and am quite surprised at how easy I cam convert my somewhat warped thinking into a coherent paragraph or two that people actually read lol. I started on travel but found it hard to come up with anything that even interested me consistently. Now I free flow and put up whatever tweaks my interest within a few evolving themes. Works better than one subject in a way. I’ll keep reading as long as you keep posting. Good insight from a Bostonian that just doesn’t surface in Calgary.

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