Changes – Part 2

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i am pleased to report that I have finished organizing myself into 4 distinct blogs.  I will become more regular now, and hope to post 2 or 3 notes per day in total between the 4.  If you were following me for travel notes, this is the place to go.  If you were following me for sports, you can find me at , for music, please go to .  If you were interested in random and general postings then go to


I will be tweaking these as I go and look forward to any input.

Listening to Canadians – Library Voices

Wascana Lake Regina Saskatchewan
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My focus tonight is on a band from Regina, Saskatchewan, Library Voices.  I discovered this band (and song) via my normal channel for new Canadian bands, iTunes free single of the week, although CBC 2 was playing it a bit as well.  The song in the video is “Drinking Games”, also a well known Saskatchewan pastime, along with just plain drinking.

The band itself is a 10 piece unit whose work has been reviewed positively in Spin magazine and The New Yorker.  Their EP, Hunting Ghosts (& Other Collected Shorts), was nominated for a Western Canadian Music Award and their follow up album, Denim on Denim was nominated in 2010.  You might also want to check out “Step Off the Map & Float” which Now magazine noted as the stand out song on the EP.

A catchy tune, utilizing a wide variety of instruments and voices, please enjoy “Drinking Games”.

Where Is The Stanley Cup – Part 5 – Massachusetts

Stanley Cup in Hockey Hall of Fame
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When we last saw the Stanley Cup, it was in Whitefish, Montana with Doug Houda, Boston Bruin assistant coach.  From the wilds and mountains of Whitefish, it travelled across the USA back to Massachusetts to spend the day with Assistant Coach Geoff Ward, who then handed it off to Assistant General Manager, Don Sweeney.

Geoff Ward took the cup golfing at the Butter Brook Golf Club in Westford, MA.  The Cup appeared to be enjoying the round, but had to cut it short to visit Geoff’s daughter at her gymnastics club.  From there it was off to some more exciting action at Waxy O’Connor’s Irish Pub in Lexington, MA.  There appears to be a definite pattern with the cup and pubs developing here.  There is no video that I have found of this pub crawl.  I did, however, find this video taken a couple of days prior at the Massachusetts General Hospital  Of all the major sports, there is nothing that can come close to the magic of the Stanley Cup, or as accessible.

Following Geoff is Don Sweeney’s day with the cup.  Don is a life long Bruin, playing with them after being drafted in 1984.  His day with the cup was quiet in comparison with most and, after visiting Don’s friend Jack Kirrane, it was off to a friend’s place of business for the staff to enjoy and then to a house party.  Like I said, very quiet day for the Cup.

It's A Logo You Idiots

I was wondering how long it would take for the Harper hating, anti Military complete fools would take to make the connection between the Winnipeg Jets new logo and militarism.  Not long is the answer.  Watch the attached video and be sure to make use of both the comment section and the dislike button.  What a bunch of lunatics.   Sheeeesshhh, it is a bloody team logo, not some secret mind altering propaganda tool.  Losers.


Found this at @NHLWinnipeg who retweeted from @MarkChipmen   Must give credit where it is due.

The Wisdom of Donald Trump – Don't Let Obama Push You Around

Donald Trump
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Donald Trump has been pretty active on the YouTube front lately, and I’ve been to busy to keep up.  Attached is some advice for the Republicans that he posted on July 18.  Seems the latest “crisis” over the Debt Limit is giving the Donald something interesting to hammer both Obama and the Republicans at the same time with.  Still, you have to respect his acumen and give him some leeway.  He does know money, and how to both make it and keep it.

Remembering Dan Peek – America

History: America's Greatest Hits

A tough week for music lovers.  Dan Peek, member of America during the glory years in the 70’s passed away on July 24th.  He wrote, sang lead and backup vocals and guitar with the band.  America was one of those bands that you either liked or disliked passionately.  Having said that, one cannot deny that they are part of any 70’s soundtrack.  Their hits are iconic and will still be played for a very long time.  Songs such as “Ventura Highway“, “Horse With No Name“, “Tin Man” and “Sister Golden Hair” are unforgettable.

Dan Peek left the band in 1977 and went on to a productive career as a Christian singer/songwriter.  He chose this route as a foil to his years of recreational drug use.  In contrast to Amy Winehouse, he was one of the lucky ones, escaping the rocker lifestyle as he did.

Bob Rae – I’m "Super Elite" – and a Fool

Picture of Bob Rae
Bob Rae - Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada Image via Wikipedia

There are leaders and then there are people who think they are.  Bob Rae thinks he is.  Canada’s Liberal Party leader (for now) has a rather warped sense of self importance.  Imagine the situation as described in this link and then think “sense of entitlement”  The taxpayer foots the bill for most, if not all, of his air fare.  He uses (I assume) his Aeroplan to amass vast amounts of frequent flyer miles, ramping himself to “Super Elite” status.  Then he uses this taxpayer fed status to worm his way on to a flight ahead of several people who had just been told there were no seats.  Lack of class, perhaps.  Lacl of common sense, definitely.  The optics are brutal and heighten the public’s current perception of both him and the party he represents as both elitist and entitlement driven.

Remembering Amy Winehouse

Cover of "Back to Black"
Cover of Back to Black

A life led tragically.  Amy Winehouse joins an elite group of musical superstars who have passed away at 27.  This magical list includes, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, Brian Jones and Janis Joplin.  All coincidences aside, Amy was a potential icon.  When we first discovered her she had just released her second album “Back to Black”.  We were stunned and immediately went and got “Frank“, her first disc.  Incredible.  We did some research and discovered she was being backed up by some great players we already knew, The Dap Kings of Sharon Jones fame, which explained the great sound behind her on several songs.  Instant love it was.  Fabulous potential in this one. But, as happens so often, the lifestyle caught up with her, and some cannot handle it.  It took her away from us several years ago and has now taken her permanently.  Say what you want, but I will sorely miss her voice and talent, the rest, not so much.

Other Links

The first is to a blog I follow, the second is to Th Daily Mail which gives some insight on how she died and the third is a link to her last concert where she was booed offstage.  The video is one of my favourites by her “In My Bed”

Winnipeg Jets – Update – July 22

Now we’re talking.  The new Winnipeg Jets took another step towards being a real on ice product as the team unveiled its logo and and secondary logos.

At time of posting, the team has still not released their team colours or sweater design.  I assume that with training camp a month away, this is a supply issue for the anticipated retail sales as it will be pretty tough to play exhibition games without jerseys.  Stay tuned.

Listening to Canadians – Jeremy Fisher

Jeremy Fisher - 2009
Jeremy Fisher - -Image via Wikipedia

Jeremy Fisher, from Hamilton, Ontario, is gaining a substantial following in North America.  His Tour in 2002 gained notoriety as he completed it across Canada by bicycle.  It took 6 months, starting in Seattle, USA and ended 7500 KM away in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Amazing.  He has toured with such notables as Xavier Rudd, Sarah Slean and The Proclaimers.  The track I have chosen to share is “Shine a Little Light” off his 2010 album “Flood”  I chose this both for the music and the ingenious use of an iPhone in creating the video.

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