Vancouver Canucks – What Went Wrong – Part 4 – General

Photo of hockey executive Mike Gillis.

Mike Gillis - Image via Wikipedia

The content below is purely my opinion, which, regardless, I have the right to express, just as Canuck fans have the right to disagree.  I will not argue these points to any extent as I feel they are true for me, and possibly others.


My friends that are Canuck fans will be happy to know that this will be my last post.  I put up a post earlier about not liking the Canucks no matter how hard I tried.  I kind of felt that us Bruin fans were lonely out here, but as it went on, I came to realize that more and more people were deserting the team as the Canuck’s true colours came through.  Their fans and management and the team itself fully expected that Canada would march in  lock step and cheer them on.  As these fans watched they came to realize that maybe, just maybe, the Bruins were the team that represented their values.  The lunch bucket team, the hard-working team, the perceived (by Canuck fans) underdog team.  Their style of play was far more “Canadian” like than was the Canucks game.  Then it became a circle the wagons mentality.  You know, the “Woe is me, the whole world is against me”.scenario.  This was, and is, best personified by the Canuck GM,  Mike Gillis.  He is another major reason the team was not ready for a standard NHL playoff.  He built the team, and he is ultimately responsible.  The classic whining, “we play a skill game that the refs took away from us”.  Guess what Mike, this is the way it was, the way it is and probably the way it always will be.  Get over it and put some character on your team, or perhaps the next guy will.

Having said this, and fully expecting to get blasted for my personal opinion, I have listed a series of links that have some commentary on the series that, yet again, Canuck fans will not like.

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