Vancouver Canucks – What Went Wrong – Part 1 – Coaching

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I know that there will be much angst, complaining and questioning of why or how, did the Canucks fail.  I have some thoughts and suggestions on how to ensure they remain competitive and maybe return to the Finals.  I believe I am being objective here as an interested Boston fan who watched them get dissected with a great game plan that exposed several weaknesses.


I found that Alain Vigneault was consistently out-coached by Claude Julien.  The Canucks were very undisciplined, as evidenced by continued diving, taunting, yapping and dumb penalties.  The Bruins were guilty of the same at times, but Julien put a stop to most of the stuff with a word to the players involved.  The taunting in Game 3 by the Bruins did not reoccur in any later games and Shawn Thornton was quick to point out that it was because Coach read them the riot act.  The organization is a class organization  with many traditions and he expects his players to live up to these traditions.

The other notable area was with the team rosters.  Julien was quick to make adjustments (inserting Thornton) and rolled his lines over very well during the games.  Vigneault refused to juggle his lines at all.  Obvious error, the Sedin line.  It became apparent early on that Burrows was useless on this line and the Sedin’s should have been moved around a bit, maybe even split up.  The Bruins had a plan for them and it worked.  Splitting them may have thrown a kink into the plan and this error falls solely on Alain Vigneault’s shoulders.  Burrows was a mistake as well.  A constant distraction to his linemates, continual taunting, yapping and dive after dive.  If he was a Bruin, this would not have continued.  As a Canuck, it continued and greatly influenced the refereeing.  You show up the refs, you don’t get the call.  Being on the number 1 line, the ref effect contributed to the Bruins success in shutting down the Sedin’s.

The comments made by Luongo about Tim Thomas are well known.  The one by Daniel Sedin, guaranteeing a game 7 victory are not as well knowN.  The link to this comment is below.  Again, Alain Vigneault’s fault for not guiding his players.

Bottom line, the Canucks need a new coach, a coach not unlike Claude Julien, who can get 110% out of his players and insert discipline into the mix.  The talent is definitely there.

Part 2 tomorrow, Goaltending and Defense.

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  1. The Bruins deserved the win because in the end they were the better team. Guys like Marchand and Rechhi were able to step up and make plays at important times. They actually scored goals, which I hear is a good thing. Don’t tell the Canucks that though. Tim Thomas played like a man and Luongo acted like a child (as always). One of the teams had to end their long Stanley Cup drought and in the end the more deserving team came out on top. It showed in the game 7 where Vancouver just couldn’t muster enough out of their team to even put up a true fight. A fight that would have been worthy of a game 7 and worthy of how good these playoffs have been. It was a very anti-climatic end to an outstanding playoff season. Also you think you could check out my blog cuz I’d love to hear what you have to say.

  2. As a life long Bruin fan, i was obviously pleased to see them win. As far as better in the end, I tend to disagree. Most Canuck fans were blinded by the fact that the Bruins were likely better too begin with. Better defense and goaltending, more depth at forward (Seguin in the press box, Rafi Torres on the 3rd line, who is the better player)) and much more balanced. President’s Trophy blinded people to this. Bruins are (were?) well coached and very disciplined and overall, a better team going in, and very deserving of the win. Once they lost game 5 in another close one, I knew it was over for the Canucks. Bruins were a better road team and in a game 7 with everything on the line, there was no doubt which team was going to show up and win.

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