Ball Fans (And I) Will Miss Harmon Killebrew

I can still see in my mind’s eye, the 1965 World Series.  The LA Dodgers vs Minnesota Twins.  The Twins surprised all with their capture of the AL pennant that year and went on to face the Dodgers of Sandy Koufax, Don Drysdale and the rest of that powerhouse.  Behind the pitching of Jim Kaat, Mudcat Grant and the powerful bat of Harmon Killebrew, the Twins took the Dodgers to a 7th game, only to be shutout by the great Koufax.  They were held to 3 hits and lost 2-0.  I remember being heartbroken.  The underdog had almost pulled off the unthinkable.  Those summers when I was 9, 10 11, were dominated by ball, and Killebrew, along with Mickey Mantle, were my favourite players.  One of the sad parts of growing older is seeing your childhood heroes, who are now 20 years older than I pass on. I have attached a rare piece of footage showing Harmon Killebrew going head to head with Willie Mays on Gillette Home Run Derby and a link to Wiki describing the 1965 World Series.

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  1. footballnutz17

    Wow, this post really touched my heart. Although I wasn’t around in ’65, I still feel really sad about his death. He will definetly be missed by all, especially Twins fans.

    Speaking of Killebrew, I wrote a post on him earlier this afternoon. Care to check it out? Here is the link:

  2. Thanks for that. I heard about his death and back came the memories. I hadn’t really thought of him in, who knows how long, then boom. Strange feeling.

  3. footballnutz17

    Oh yea, that happens a lot, you start forgetting about ’em, then BOOM, something happens..

    Thank you for checking out the blog.. I really appreciate that.

    I’m gonna put your blog in my blogroll.

  4. footballnutz17

    Glad to hear that joebeans, I love sports too

    I like your blog template by the way

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