Cozumel – March 25, 2011 – Jeeps and Crocs

Once again we awoke to a beautiful harbour, a beautiful day and breakfast.  Our excursion for today was a jeep tour with some beach and snorkelling, stopping to see wild salt water crocodiles and some Mayan ruins.  A full day.  We disembarked and found our excursion group and headed for the jeeps.  The setup was a guide in front, one in the rear and 8 jeeps in between.  We proceeded to drive through the city (fun) and hit the highway across to the other side of the island.  Once there, we headed down a road that paralleled the ocean.

We followed this road until we reached a park entrance, and started up a narrow dirt road.  After  a few miles we pulled over to see Crocodiles.

They eat people, I think

We proceeded up a boardwalk out into a marsh lake area, kind of a tidal basin.  These crocs are in the wild, not caged zoo style.  We reached the viewing area and were very lucky to have one of the animals right in the centre of the area.

Very impressive animals, and would not want to playing with one.  Shortly, it was time to move on to the next part of the day, the Mayan Ruins.

Our guide was very informative and kept our interest up during the talk.  The building was actually a temple/early warning system, that still works today,  there are engineered air deflectors that direct wind into conch shells that are still embedded in the masonry.  When the wind from an approaching hurricane reach a certain speed, the shells turn into horns which can be heard for miles.  Clever.

Back to the jeeps, and on to the beach.  This portion of the tour featured a lovely beach and, what turned out to be an hour’s worth  of snorkelling to a reef offshore.  I started on the snorkel but gave up.  Man, I have to get in shape.  Lori did the whole thing and said it was wonderful.  We need a camera as well.  The waves were strong enough to make her sea sick while she was swimming.  While she was alternating in wonder at barracuda and wanting to vomit into her snorkel, was living a Corona moment.  What a lovely spot this was.

A Corona Moment

Finished up here, and back to the jeeps.  Next stop was lunch at the lighthouse, about halfway back.  Also a shopping area, where I didn’t get away free this time.  The bargaining was fun though.  We sta for lunch and were visited by a Mexican raccoon.

The restaurant owner wasn’t to pleased and spent most of his time chasing the thing away.  It didn’t help that every time he chased it away, someone would entice it back with a piece of food.  I tried the semi-local beer, Montejo, made by Corona.  Not the best, but passable.  Only one thing left, climb the lighthouse.  Headed up there and took a couple of pictures.  Great view.

The road we drove!

Time to leave, headed back to Cozumel and the ship, with some minor shopping and one major rainstorm on the way.  It was a great time to find that the roof on the jeep leaked, exactly at the place I usually keep my head.  Made driving a bit treacherous, not being able to see and all.  Not to mention traffic in a strange city, with it’s own way of driving.  Parked and left, thoroughly enjoyed the day.  The guides were great, the excursion was quite extensive and we fit a lot into a short cruise day.  Cozumel is a very nice place to visit and worthy of a return at some point.

Back on the ship, we met up with Gord, Cheryl, John and Cec and immediately slipped into an old habit.  Aperitifs, supper, aperitifs, Pablo, aperitifs, crappy show more aperitifs then bed, not dreaming of much as this was the last stop.  A ship day tomorrow, then another day in New Orleans.  I’ll end the post with another beautiful sunset.

The last sunset in the Caribbean

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  1. Cozumel is something special.

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