Costa Maya, Mexico – March 22, 2011

Good morning Mexico.  Another new country, although I said I would skip Mexico until it was safer than Iraq, or Afghanistan or at least downtown Winnipeg (joke people..just a joke).  Didn’t have much choice though, our giant really expensive taxicab stopped here.  We got off the ship and headed for our buses to the excursion.  Lori had chosen the “Boat Blast”.  A 45 minute bus ride to a beach where we drove speedboats out to a reef and snorkelled.  Sounds great on paper, but in reality, not so much.  I have driven a boat maybe 5 times, and have never snorkelled, and we were going to do this for basically the first time 2 miles out in the ocean.  What could possibly go wrong.  We’ll see as we progress.  But first, the bus ride.

We got off the ship onto a stunningly beautiful cement pier, jutting out into the bay, put there by the Mexican government to entice cruise ships.  Guess they bribed them as well cause it had all the charm of, well, I can’t think of anything, but it wasn’t nice.

Such a Beautiful piece of Concrete

From here we walked to the meeting point and got on our bus.  I would have taken some pictures on the bus ride, but it would have looked like home to my Martensville friends.  Flat, scrub and lots of rocks.  Kind of surprised me as I thought the Yucatan was jungle.

We arrived at the place we were to do the boating.  Our guides came out, gave us a very straight  to the point training session on how to snorkel and how to drive the boats.  After this enlightening minute and a half, we were in competition with everyone else to find a life jacket that, first, fit and second, had enough clips to button it up.  You would think that they would kind of sort these out prior to handing them, but hey, what do I know.  We had some time before departing and the beer was free so, semi working life jacket in hand, it was time for a beer.  The beach was very nice, and for cruise ships only.

Blast Beach

Our turn was up and our group trooped out to the beach to get into our boats.  The theory is that we zigzag out to the dock in single file to protect the coral on the way out.  A bit rough, 25 horse mini boats.  Lots of fun.  Very wet and my training stood up to the challenge.  Those guys were great teachers.

We reached the dock, parked the boat and went snorkelling.  I lasted oh, 5 minutes, maybe less and went back to the dock.  Lori carried on and discovered something she really loves to do, breathing through her mouth while scaring fish, I think.  The view from the dock was worth it for me.

Lori is out there somewhere

After a 20 minute swim, back to the boats and back to shore.  The snorkel training really paid off as well, we survived to drink another day,

Back on the beach, we decided to have lunch, which we enjoyed, especially the free beer to wash it down with.

Good food, free beer

Shortly it was time to head back to the ship.  On the bus, taking a short cut through Warman,(inside Saskatchewan joke) and soon we were back where we started.  To get to the pier we had to run the gauntlet of shops that sprung up around the once non-existent cement and concrete thing,  Kind of reminded me of Field of Dreams, build it and they will come.  We made it through and got back on board where we spent another enjoyable evening with friends, and retired dreaming of the bat caves to come tomorrow.

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