Cruising From New Orleans March 21, 2011 – At Sea (Definitely)

I had great plans for this post, but I now know the anguish of both censorship and editorial power.  I have been shut down on what may have been the next viral hits on the net. It is unfortunate, but you got to do what you are forced to do.  Maybe I will get drunk one night and post it anyway (after Lori passes out of course)

Let us see what I can make of this with my material decimated.  We got up, we ate, we got drunk, we ate, we got drunker, we ate, we saw a show, we went to bed.  No, that is not very good.  Let’s try again.

Another beautiful morning on the NCL Spirit. (Norwegian Cruise Line)  We are definitely at sea now, surrounded by the beautiful waters of the Gulf of Mexico, steaming towards our first stop, Costa Maya.  But first a full day at sea to kill.  Let’s see, first step, wake up, then shower then breakfast.  Pub crawl starts at 1 or so, leaving us lots of time for shopping and exploring.  Checked out the shops, got off cheap.  Then the pub crawl.  Since I am not allowed to publish the videos, I will only show the before part.  It was crazy.

This is where the incriminating videos (more than 1) would go, but I am “Not allowed under any circumstances” to post these videos.The crawl was fun, the booze sucked, the youngsters were a blast, seemed like every Razorback from Arkansas was there.  At the end of one of the videos I made a friend.  He was pretty pumped about what we had accomplished, at least he could see it, you can’t.

With that, the afternoon was over.  Before we knew it, it was suppertime.  Polished that off and went out to catch the sunset.  The sunsets are spectacular down here.

We watched it drop, then headed off to the really big (BAD!!) show.  The entertainment was not worth mentioning.  And that was the day at sea.

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