Winnipeg Jets – We’re Back

The Thrashers are gone, Atlanta has struck out again.  this time to a second Canadian city, Winnipeg.  Last time the Atlanta Flames ended up in Calgary.  No way they will be the Thrashers in Winnipeg though, we had a team, which we were screwed out of by the NHL powers that be (and still are).  They had better be the Jets.  This is a great day to be a Winnipeger (ex or not).  It is just an indescribable feeling to have them back.

This is how Winnipeg reacted on May 20th when it was only a rumour.

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Winnipeg Jets – Update – May 31

Woke up and my Twitter feed seems to point to a done deal.  Rumours abound as every Winnipeggers dream is about to come true, NHL hockey returning to the peg.  GO JETS GO.  I’ll be paying very close attention to this story today.

CJOB in Winnipeg is reporting an 11 AM press conference is scheduled and 90% of Canada’s sports reporters are there today awaiting word before heading to Vancouver.

My Name is Canada’s Legal System, and I’m a Fool

Remember Vince Li, the maniac on the Greyhound bus a number of year ago.  Incredibly, this, this, this monster, this ridiculously sick man could be on the streets again with day passes in less than a year.  “I’m asking that (Li) be treated no differently than anyone else who comes before the board,” said his doctor.  I ask that he be treated no differently than a murderer in Texas. Read the article and think about how sappy and over the top softies we have become.

Winnipeg Jets – When They Left

Browsing some news on the Jets and found this article that goes back to when the Jets left Winnipeg.   This part was funny


“Finally, from the Ironic Department of Irony Department, the Atlanta Journal and Constitution n April 29, 1995:

The Winnipeg Jets are likely to move. But they won’t be heading to Atlanta.”Nobody’s coming next year, because we have exclusivity for hockey in the Omni (for one more year),” said Knights President Richard Adler, who now has no interest in an NHL team.

The collapse of a Winnipeg group’s bid to keep the Jets in Canada led to rumors that the club would come to either Minneapolis or Atlanta.

Adler said no one has approached him about joining a bid to buy the Jets. Several groups in Minneapolis are reportedly interested in the club.

Turner Broadcasting would like an NHL team for Atlanta, but not before a new arena is built to replace the Omni. The NHL is expected to expand by 1997.

The city of Winnipeg, the province of Manitoba and a group of private investors with an option to buy the team have until Monday to negotiate a deal to build a new arena and transfer ownership. But NHL commissioner Gary Bettman this week imposed financial guidelines that the group called unacceptable.”

Bottom line though is Bettman was a tool and is likely still a tool.  The whole article is here

Listening to John Mayer – Redux

I find myself going back to John Mayer on a regular basis.  A very talented guy.  In this video, he is playing acoustic, solo and doing one of my favourites, Neon.  I love the comments on the video.

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Winnipeg Jets History – Great Story

I found this article online at the Calgary Herald this morning about the time Bobby Hull was benched and not dressed on “BOBBY HULL NIGHT”.  It also touches on a few other moments in their history.

Jeff Conaway – Passed Away at 60

Best known for his work on Taxi and in Grease, Jeff Conaway died May 27. He had been found unconscious on May 11 of an apparent overdose. He had been on 2 series of Celebrity Rehab in recent years as an addict to cocaine and painkillers. I have attached a video of him in one of the funniest bits ever done on Taxi, “Reverend Jim’s Driver’s Test”

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Canada’s Team – Bruins or Canucks

I see a lot of impassioned discussion on the issue of, as Canadians, who we should be backing in the Stanley Cup Finals, the Boston Bruins or the Vancouver Canucks. Let’s examine this issue in depth and without emotion, using only the facts and rate on a logic based analysis.

First the obvious.  Vancouver is in Canada, Boston is not.  This would normally be a powerful argument, EXCEPT for 2 minor, yet nagging issues.  Both Phoenix and Colorado were Canadian teams at one point, yet I didn’t hear anyone say that Colorado was Canada’s team.  What if Vancouver were to be moved to Houston this week, would they still be Canada’s team?  The second point is that Boston was once British and could easily have been part of Canada.  I will give a very slight advantage to Vancouver.

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Rome, Italy – September 13, 2010

Our second day in Rome.  We woke up, oddly refreshed.  I put the coffee on and checked out the window.  Pretty nice looking day.  Grabbed my phone and checked the time.  Two o’clock PM.  That would explain the oddly refreshed part.  Stupid jet lag nailed us.  Nailed us good.  Oh well, we shall make the best of it.  And we did.  A full day in Rome.  First stop lunch (breakfast).  We stopped at a spot on the way to the Trevi Fountain and had a pizza.  What else.  Looked great, tasted great.  The ambience of the place was great, Al Presidente Restaurant.

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